Should I Revert To The Classic Editor?

The light this morning was dull when I took a walk around the garden.

It looks to me as if WordPress have changed my gallery image sizes as they did yesterday. This will mean that nothing can be enlarged. I am also uncertain whether the galleries can be accessed at all. Should either of these situations arise, I will return to the Classic editor. I would appreciate feedback on this.

This afternoon the light was slightly better when I photographed a hosta blooming on the stumpery; the Virginia creeper brightening the back drive,

which also bears hot lips in its border;

bees plundering salvia and cosmos;

and a Red Admiral basking on warm paving bricks.

This evening we dined on Jackie’s classic lamb jalfrezi with mushroom rice and onion samosas. The Culinary Queen drank Hoegaarden and I drank Casillero del Diablo reserva Shiraz 2017.


  1. On the mobile phone it is working.
    But I think with galleries it is not a problem.
    But in most themes the photos are somewhat small due to the blocks. I was recently looking for a new theme and it was the same with all the ones I tried.

  2. When the new editor was introduced, I gave it a try. After all, what writer could resist an editor named ‘Gutenberg’? It took me about an hour to realize I despised the thing. I went back to the classic editor, and haven’t strayed since, despite constant invitations from WP to do so. My hope is that the classic will remain an option. If the time comes when that isn’t possible, then I’ll decide what to do.

  3. The photos are brilliant! The garden is looking more beautiful than ever! The size of the photos on my iMacPro computer nearly fills the screen. I can smell those flowers and hear the bees buzzing! I switch back and forth from classic to Block editing – depends on what’s happening. I find it unpredictable.

  4. I can’t access the galleries or biggify. I use classic and I’ve just discovered I no longer have control over the size of the image I upload or the option to change sizes in gallery selections. Clearly wp has been at it again and has decided we don’t need to do that any more……

  5. Even at the small size your photos are as lovely as always.

    I am assuming you are using the App. If it was me I would delete the App and re-install.
    If that fails then I would revert to the Classic Editor.
    If that fails then I would ask WordPress for assistance.

    I tried Gutenberg on several occasions. I had no obvious difficulty but did not like it. I reluctantly gave up on so called ‘progress’ and went back to the Classic. I really do not see the point of using something I am not comfortable with.

  6. Reading the post on Windows 10 in Chrome on a computer, I can’t access the galleries or enlarge a picture.

    I really hope that they don’t stop letting us use the ‘old’ editor as I have only just got used to it thoroughly after using the ‘old old’ editor for some years.

  7. WordPress seems to be doing some mean things to your post. The photos displayed fine in my email on my Chromebook, but when l headed over to your blog, they’re quite small and can’t be enlarged. Regardless, the flowers are exquisite.

  8. Like many other commentators, I gave Gutenberg a few hours trial and then went back to Classic. Having said that, I haven’t posted a blog in months now.
    When you first switched, I noticed immediately that if I clicked on your blog when using the iPad, the photos covered the text. So I either just read the blog on the iPad from the email, or waited until I got on the laptop, where I’m running Windows 10 (and Edge, I think). I could always enlarge the photos and/or click through to the gallery there.
    But I can’t do that with today’s post!

  9. If I may say so, the images of the flowers are stunning. (Everyone else has already given their insightful thoughts regarding the Editor functions). I hope Nugget is well too.

  10. Those images could earn awards, each one of them, were they exposed to such contests. I checked your blog in a browser and sure enough it didn’t allow me to enlarge the photos, nor could I enter the gallery. But they do appear larger in the WP reader which is my preferred mode of reading blogs. WP has been changing and not all of it has been for good, and I am not a great fan of it anymore. I believe I have stayed away from their new editor, for I never am lured by their invitation to try their smoking green contraptions, but I am not sure which editor we are talking of, which means I don’t give it two hoots.

    1. I concur re your posts in WP Reader on the app. I almost exclusively read posts on the app now and have no difficulty seeing your photos. They look the same size as they have always done.

      On the app, though, if I tap on a photo, there is no gallery, unless I have misunderstood what gallery means in this context.

      Anyway, having recently become acquainted with Michaelmas Daisies, I was pleased to be able to recognise the ones in your garden.

  11. You said the light was dull. But the flowers were bright. Maybe dull light works well for this kind of photography.
    Actually this new editor worked well for me. The post arrived with large pictures on my email account. I read through it before I clicked on comments, where the pictures were small and it was quicker to get to the other comments.

  12. The size of photos make such a huge difference.
    Classic editor is better I guess.
    The garden is still very beautiful with so much variety.

  13. I’ve always hung in there with the Classic Editor. I’ve never tried anything else.
    Seems, at times, WP just does stuff and then we have to figure out how to fix it or deal with it. UGHS!
    The variety and beauty in your garden is stunning, Derrick! πŸ™‚
    And whether your photos are large or small, I enjoy them!
    But, as I grow more “well-seasoned”, it might be nice to see them again a bit larger. πŸ™‚
    I love the seasons of the year when the butterflies, bees, and birds are out-n-about and busy! πŸ™‚
    HUGS to you and Jackie!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    TWEETS to sweet Nugget!!! πŸ™‚

  14. Viewing your photos on my iPad, I ha w no difficulty; they are a good size – and incidentally beautiful pictures! But I too have been disappointed with the new editor. I use WordPress for poetry (as you know) and I cannot adjust the font in the new blocks. I keep experimenting but each time I find the classic editor has more flexibility.

  15. I thought if you have a paid acct., your photos stay as high resolution shots. I always try to adjust the size of the photos before I post.

  16. Hmmmmmm….

    as Arte Johnson would say: ” Verrrrrry Interesting. But shtupid!!”

    A question for you: What possible benefit is there to staying with ‘Gutenberg’?? I tried it, could work most things out (with great effort usually and with many ‘stumbles’ along the way) and clearly preferred the second ‘Classic’ editor. I can still access the Original if i prefer but version #2 works perfectly well for my needs. Gutenberg – it’s all dutch to me! πŸ˜‰

    I’m using Firefox as my blog browser after choosing to avoid Google products owing to the massive data gathering they collect from you. I use a PC with Win 7 and i can only see ‘thumbnail’ sized pics when i open your page in my browser. I can see slightly larger versions (but still reduced) in WP reader and neither will let me access the gallery for any photo.
    If i look at your post in my email program (Microsoft Outlook Live) the pics are slightly larger but again no biggification is possible and there is no gallery access.

    I can ‘right click’ your photos and open them in a new page, which is also limited to a width of 584 pixels (seems to be a standard choice?), but curiously, if i delete the ‘?w=584’ tag inserted after the picture file location in the address bar i can then see your image as you uploaded it – full zoom (but no gallery data) πŸ™

    i’d strongly recommend reverting to what you, and most of us, are used to – go Classic! πŸ˜‰

    I feel sorry for those people who only read your blog on a phone – they don’t know what they are missing.

  17. The garden looks anything but dull, Derrick – beautiful as always! I have never used the new editor, so I have nothing to offer on that front, but I did notice the other day that my photos couldn’t be enlarged either. Maybe it’s a temporary glitch?

  18. You might be coming to the end of your storage ability and that’s why you can’t enlarge? I know you have pictures at 2400-5400 in size – that takes up a ton of room on your allotted storage space. By going back to older posts and editing the pictures to much smaller sizes will add to your space and your pictures will be just as beautiful.

  19. I have never dared move off the classic editor. What I have found however is that I have to manually size the pictures and then provide a link to each one so that they can be opened by the reader. WP can be so frustrating!

  20. Windows 10 on a laptop and I have no option to enlarge anything today, Derrick. I confess to having never tried switching. If it aint broke don’t fix it is my mantra!

  21. Derrick,

    I am looking after the web page for the American & Foreign Christian Union on WordPress. You have far more experience than me, but what I am currently doing is opening the Post in Block Editor, saving it then reopening it in Classic editor to do the media & categorization. That seems to work



  22. I use the WP app on my phone, and your post here has made all of your photos noticecably smaller than before. However, clicking on one of them fills the whole width of the screen with superb clarity, and then I can swipe through the rest of the images.
    They are fabulous.

  23. I took a peek at the ‘new and improved’ editor with a proxy theme, (I didn’t want to touch my main one , just in case) and became firmly convinced that WP had succumbed, yet again, to the ‘it ain’t broke so we’ll fix it anyway’ school of web design … in fact I think they’ve elevated it into an art form.

    1. So right, Widders πŸ™‚ – I only persevered so long for the sake of the galleries and now they work worse than they ever did. Jackie’s comment on yours: “Ha ha. Oh very good.’

  24. I gave the briefest of tries to the ‘new’ editor. Not intuitive and seemed to defy my own simple needs. So I have stuck with the classic. I’m pleased to read that so many have done the same. Large or small, your photos remain, for me, DDD (Derrick’s Daily Delight).

  25. Your garden is so beautiful, when I look at all the flowers I remember The Secret garden:)
    I still use the classic editor. I have never looked at the new one. Regards

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