Flying Gulls

Last night I watched the recorded rugby World Cup match between Japan and Samoa; this morning those between New Zealand and Namibia, and between France and Tonga.

I then photographed some examples of our

nasturtiums, blooming until the first frost;

our generous begonias;

our varied dahlias;

our honesty seed pod medallions;

our hardier clematises such as this Polish Spirit;

and our roving Japanese anemones.

Nugget busied himself with his war cries up aloft

Early this evening we drove to Mudeford to catch the sunset.

While the sun was still well above the horizon, the meeting of the two currents between the quay and the Isle of Wight through up violent spray;

gulls glided overhead,

or perched on gravel.

A trio of elegant swans slaked their thirst in the

rippling water of the harbour.

A silhouetted couple left their bench and paused to study their photographs.

Another gentleman stood alongside another seat as the skies glowed gold

then dipped into a pastel palette when a bank of low cloud screened the sun



from silhouetted flying seabirds.

Later this evening we dined on Jackie’s luscious lamb jalfrezi and savoury rice topped with an omelette. She drank Hoegaarden and I drank more of the Brouilly.


  1. You featured some of my favourite autumnal flowers today – and a lovely sunset too. Glad to see Nugget is keeping any and all intruders at bay, one can never be too careful 😀

  2. Those beautiful sunset shots! What glorious colours, Derrick! We have had torrential rain almost all day today so your photos of the calm beauty in your garden have been a tonic; thank you.

  3. I liked your series of seaside sunset shots. You made good use of your time there.

    On another subject, occasionally what look like random large areas of white space have been appearing between sections of your recent posts.

    1. Thanks a lot, Tootlepedal. I have noticed those blank sections on Jackie’s pc, but they don’t appear on my draft. Probably the revenge of WP for returning to the Classic editor. I can’t battle with them any more.

  4. Lovely light in these photos. The honesty seed pod medallions are special to me. I heard they need a cooler climate and have some seeds I’ve saved for years. I took them to our place in the mountains but have not planted them yet. You’ve motivated me to do some research.

  5. Love all the bird photos…but Nugget is my favourite! 🙂
    Love the seed pod medallion photos! Oh, and the water and people (silhouettes) by sunset are gorgeous!
    HUGS!!! and <3, Jackie and Derrick! 🙂

  6. All wondrous shots again today.

    You are both so blessed to have such unspoiled (largely 🙂 ) woodland and beachside areas so close by.

    Great idea to take an evening drive to catch the Sunset.

    Our sunsets have been frequently ‘spoiled’ of late by an almost total absence of cloud.

    Did you notice Venus just above the horizon after the Sun set?

    1. I didn’t notice Venus. Because there wasn’t much cloud I almost didn’t go looking for sunset. Thanks very much, Bob. We are so blessed – especially after a lifetime in London

      1. I may post a pic i took for my blog a little later on! 🙂

        I expect you would appreciate those things more after a big city like London.

  7. The flying bird shots are very atmospheric. I love the honesty seeds and am intrigued by the first nasturtium – it seems very stylised, as if a different species.

  8. Such stunning photos, Derrick. I can’t pick a favorite, but I do like the meeting of the currents and the rippling water–more unusual shots. I know I’ve missed a few posts, I’ll try to go and catch up.

  9. I love the swans and the roving Japanese anemones. Thank you for the gorgeous photos! Glad to see you had such a beautiful day. It was ccccold here until the clouds blew away and the sun finally peaked through.

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