It Seems To Be Working

Nugget darted under my feet this morning as I swept the beech nuts from the Rose Garden paving and the gravel paths,



and around Jackie when she continued planting.

Sometimes he took a bird’s eye view of proceedings.

Here Jackie demonstrates that she has some thyme to plant;

and here converses with her little familiar. “Where’s Nugget?” (33).

Hoping to accustom him to a robin feeder for the winter she has installed one in the cryptomeria, bearing just small tokens. It seems to be working.

Bees, like this one homing in on bright red salvia

and this plundering a pink pelargonium;

as well as butterflies such as this Painted Lady, continue to bask in our sunshine on such a day.

This afternoon I watched a recording of the Rugby World Cup match between South Africa and Canada.

Later, we took a short trip into the forest where, at Holmsley, bracken has really browned;


some leaves take on an autumnal hue, while others remain green;

grasses bent to the breeze;

the stream spanned by the eponymous Passage is filling up and flowing briskly;

trees were silhouetted on the sky line;

and a gatepost sporting a boot without which a child had departed pleaded for a rescue dog which had left home.

This evening we dined on prime pork loin steaks roasted with tomatoes and mushrooms; plentiful mushroom stroganoff; firm peas, and tender runner beans. Jackie drank Hoegaarden and I finished the Brouilly.



  1. I found nugget in this #33 one…
    And nice play on thyme

    Also hope they find the runaway Lola – and that red boot on the post is quite a find

  2. Nugget is also looking quite autumnal in this post Derrick – maybe it’s the light. Is that a wicker owl he is perched atop? He seems to have more on his mind today than finding grubs and shmoozing up to his lady love….. and that feeder is a brilliant idea too – who’d leave home with all that is on offer within his little realm!

  3. That little Nugget just has to be the center of attention, doesn’t he? I love it! There are so many puzzle opportunities in this post! Gorgeous photos, Derrick. My Derek really enjoyed your post from yesterday.

  4. Poignant photo at the end. Nugget would probably winter indoors if you let him. That would change the whole feel of your relationship, however.

  5. I love the flying bee photo. It’s good Nugget is settling in so well and liking the feeder, though I imagine your garden is full of food in the winter as well. He is quite charming.

  6. I suppose you thought you would get that pun past us, but I had time to find it! When I saw your title, I assume the “it” that was working was your printer: funny, that. We’ve had a frontal passage and I have open windows for the first time in months. It’s still a little warm, but it’s nice to hear the roosting birds, and feel the very, very slight breeze.

  7. The black trees silhouetted against the the grey sky are my favorites. In fact, now that I think back on previous posts, you do silhouettes particularly well.

  8. Nugget is the Guardian of the Garden. He looks elegant sitting on the bird feeder or lost in the branches to the right in the quiz. Autumn seems to have descended in its terminal colours on the land of plants.

  9. Is your printer working?!?! Glad the robin-feeder is working! πŸ™‚

    Nugget gets handsomer by the day! And I found him! He is perched “on high” where he can supervise The Head Gardener! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€

    The birds and the bees…AND the butterflies! That is what life is all about! πŸ™‚

    Poor Lola! πŸ™ I hope Lola is safe and well and is returned to her family!
    HUGS!!! πŸ™‚
    PS…I wonder if mushy peas and firm peas ever appear together in public. ??? πŸ˜‰

  10. If you offer food to Nugget on your palm, once the weather gets colder, you might well be able to get him to eat from your hand. The secret is patience, but there was a blog poster from the Forest of Dean a few years back who managed it with his robin.

  11. I thought the title of your post referred to your printer, but i see i was somewhat ‘premature’. πŸ˜‰

    Nugget looks so handsome and at ease with you taking his photo! I believe he was in silhouette this time?

    GROAN, ‘Bird’s eye view’ and ‘Thyme for planting’?? I thought my puns were bad?
    So many truly artistic shots today Derrick, i’m very impressed.

    The Bee, the trees on the horizon, the autumnal tones on bracken and trees, the grasses, Nugget, of course, but my favourite of them is the stream! Worthy of an Impressionist Master! πŸ™‚

    1. Very many thanks, Bob. Much appreciated comments, even those about the puns. Your printer/premature wasn’t too bad. πŸ™‚ Interestingly, we had seemingly found nothing to photograph until I got out of the car on this narrowest of lanes, determined to get something before another vehicle approached.

  12. A robin feeder? I have never come across this before and I’m off to investigate. It has always saddened me to see the robins on the fringes, not able to succeed with my other feeders. If I can provide a special one for Nugget’s Cornish friends and family, I shall be delighted πŸ™‚

  13. Great photos and I’ll bet it’s easy to have “Find Nugget” images! That little fella is cute, if he isn’t underfoot with Jackie, he’s hard to find!!

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