Dark Skies Part One

Although I read every day I don’t normally post a book review until I have finished it.

Today, however, Jackie and I have both been stricken by colds which have kept us away from the bright, sunny day outside. I occupied myself reading 100 pages of

which Tess and Mat gave me for Christmas.

Published this year Tiffany Francis’s journeys into the nighttime landscapes of Britain and Europe is beautifully written and illuminated by her own competent, well composed, illustrations introducing each chapter. The book jacket above, reproducing one of the internal black and white drawings shows an example of the constellations incorporated into each design.

There is a wealth of information about nature and natural phenomena, of history, and of rituals, embellished by pertinent quotations from prose and poetry.

I found it intriguing that this journey into the night took place following the break-up of a romantic relationship, and, so far at least, seems to have been a way of coming to terms with it.

I will say more when I have finished this informative and entertaining work.

Here are the first batch of illustrations.

Fortunately there was plenty of Jackie’s excellent Boxing Day chicken curry and savoury rice in the freezer for us to dine on it this evening with minimal effort. This was followed by Christmas pudding, cream, and custard.


  1. Thank you Derrick, that books sounds as if it is right up my street. I will take note and get it in the library, it sound absolutely great! Hope you both feel better soon.

  2. I especially enjoyed the illustration of what I take to be Gemini — the twins — above that wonderful tree. They seem to be dancing — I hope you and Jackie are up and dancing soon. Well, metaphorically, if nothing else!

  3. Beautiful illustrations. I remember enjoying the book Jamaica Inn by Daphne Du Maurier when I was a teen.Is it a real place in Cornwall? I hope you and Jackie both feel better soon!

  4. Lovely illustrations, Derrick. I hope you and Jackie are feeling better soon. I was hit Thursday evening with the flu. I haven’t had this in 30 years or so. I’ve never experienced body/joint aches and nerve pain quite like this. Take care!

  5. Another good book and beautiful illustrations…such wonderful details!
    I hope you two are well VERY soon!
    Healing-HUGS!!! πŸ™‚
    PS…Nugget would be happy to see birdies in those drawings! πŸ™‚

  6. I hope you and Jackie are feeling better. Both Richard and I have had the cold in the last week and it’s not much fun.
    Thank you for your review – part 1; I am sure I would enjoy this one and have made a note of it.

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