The Proposal

My cold being at its peak today, I was no more active than is required to finish reading ‘Dark Skies’ by Tiffany Francis.

Jackie is a day ahead of me with the cold and therefore feeling more alive.

Continuing with the book from where I left off yesterday, I will just highlight the author’s enlightening paragraphs on light pollution. Ms Francis clarifies that this is not simply the effect of artificial illuminations aimed into the skies; but also the confusion and changes of routine imposed on nocturnal wildlife by lighting at all levels.

The first three months of Dark Skies journeys were clearly written whilst grappling with emotional loss. As the year went on the skies lightened after a reconciliation occurred, and on the penultimate page a proposal was offered and delightfully accepted.

Here are the last six drawings.

PS. Note the exchange between Linda at shoreacres and me on light pollution.

I shan’t be joining Jackie and Becky for dinner tonight, as a late lunch of scrambled egg on toast has filled me up.


  1. At least you have an amazing book to keep you company as you mend! The illustrations by Ms. Francis are stunning. Glad Jackie is over the worst parts of her cold. Feel better soon! ???

  2. Plenty of soup, hot tea, rest, water, Vit C, sleep, and no work of any kind for at least the next month! (HA! Do you like the “no work” advice?!?!?)
    Hope you get well soon!
    Glad Jackie is feeling better!
    Love the illustrations! Love all the beautiful wildlife and nature!
    HUGS!!! No Bugs!!! (Bugs, as in illness, insects, or pesty-bothersome-people!!!) Send all the bugs far-far-away! 😀

  3. The illustrations are most fascinating. I particularly like the way she has gone from the constellation in the sky to a little bird hiding in a clump of grass and it all ties so well together . Thank you Derrick

  4. This might interest you — a relatively short but quite interesting article about Dripping Springs, Texas, and their efforts to combat light pollution — on behalf of the animals as well as people.

    One of my favorite quotations from Annie Dillard is, “You do not have to sit outside in the dark. If, however, you want to look at the stars, you will find that darkness is necessary.”

    1. Many thanks, Linda. The article was definitely fascinating, concentrating on the American skyline as it it does. Farm animals are also mentioned; Tiffany Francis also describes the effect on woodland wildlife and its ecology. I am adding a PS to alert readers to this exchange.

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