Then There Were Three

Yesterday evening we watched the last episode of series 2 of The Crown. This featured the Profumo affair which we both remember well. I will not comment on the presentation, given its speculation about the effect on the Royal marriage.

We visited Boots in New Milton again this morning; this time for Jackie’s eye test. Regular readers will be familiar with her multi-ocular devices. She has now accepted that she needs the first eye test she has had since she was at primary school. A more suitable pair for her numerous roles has accordingly been ordered.

Afterwards, on the last fine day we can expect for a while, we took a short drive into the forest.

We stopped on the road to Brockenhurst in order for me to photograph landscapes with ponies. The gabled house seen beyond the railway bridge looks very much part of the scene. In fact it is less than 5 years old.

Ponies were stocking up their larders in anticipation of storm Dennis, due to strike at the weekend.

A dog walker using her mobile phone paused as a somnolent young bay rose to its feet and stepped out to join

two companions.

Then there were three under a naked oak.

This evening we dined on baked gammon; Jackie’s extra-piquant cauliflower and broccoli cheese; creamy mashed potatoes; and firm mange-touts and carrots, with which I drank more of the Squinzano and Jackie didn’t.



  1. Beautiful pony photos, Derrick. I hope Dennis is kind to you. What does Jackie add to her broccoli/cauliflower cheese to make it extra-piquant? I put a teaspoon of Coleman’s dry mustard and a sprinkle of red chilli pepper into the white sauce. Is there something else i should include? I hope Jackie becomes best friends with her new glasses. πŸ™‚

  2. Looks like you had a beautiful day! We similarly had some sunshine and I’m glad the wind has died down. But Storm Dennis, you say. Oh dear!

  3. We also have a storm approaching for the weekend I believe, it has a name too (which I’ve immediately forgotten) I think naming them indicates a certain degree of ferocity doesn’t it. It is our third (or possibly fourth) big one this ‘summer’. Jackie is to be congratulated on having avoided prescription glasses for so long. But I shall miss the ocular array of headwear.

  4. I love the three ponies under the “naked oak.” I like the way they’re standing in line, like they’re waiting to buy tickets.
    Good luck to Jackie with her new glasses!

  5. I love going on your forest drives via your photos! πŸ™‚

    The ponies coats are quite the opposite look from the tree’s free-and-easy-let-it-all-hang-out look! Ha! πŸ˜€

    YAY for the new glasses for Jackie! Hope they are splendid! πŸ™‚
    HUGS!!! πŸ™‚

  6. Last year I postponed new glasses because I was certain I could manage another year. When my next check up arrives next month I will welcome the new specs. But, must be said I that have discovered that washing spectacles is far more efficient than the free spray from the optician!

    I can’t believe we are in for another storm, not can I believe the nsme Dennis the Menace, as a Storm title, someone out there has weird sense of misplaced humour!

  7. It’s a shame that you’ve getting another storm so soon, but that’s the way it is here in spring, too. One follows on another: cold/warm/cold/warm. The only difference is the temperature of the rain! When I still had to wear reading glasses, before my cataract removal and lens implants, I always kept multiple pairs, just because I never could keep track of them.

    1. Thanks very much, Linda. I was only around 50 when I had a left cataract op – the result of a cricket ball in the eye at 14. I don’t wear specs all the time now.

  8. I am sorry another storm is on the way, Derrick and Jackie. I am glad you caught some sun today and were able to go on a forest drive. The ponies look nice and woolly!

    1. They are reflective, John. The animals will cross the roads at will, even at night. The idea is to alert drivers. They are effective, but not al the ponies wear them and sometimes they are shed. Thanks very much.

  9. The changing climates around the world are certainly varied and interesting, havoc and mayhem in some and the serenity of calmness in others. Best wishes throughout your storm and hope not too much damage to your delightful garden.

  10. Sounds as though Jackie has had a pretty good run if this is the first eye test since primary school. Oh, gosh! Another storm. May it be a mild one! Better yet, may it pass you by.

    1. I always want to like comments, too. I wish we were able to do that. All I can to to “like” them is to comment on them. But I am introvert and don’t often that much to say.

      1. This happens to us all. If you go back to the alert and click on the star under the right hand corner you will appear on a list – it took me ages to twig that. I think it depends on the device the poster has employed.

    2. Thanks very much, Geetha. If you go back to the alert page and click on the star under the right hand edge your name will appear in a list of likes. It took me ages to discover that.

  11. You can only imagine, Derrick, in which light the Profumo affair was presented in Russia. I will also not comment on its presentation in this film.
    Interesting photo of shadows across the road in the photo with gabled house.

  12. The ponies must be very interesting to watch when you come upon them. I hope Dennis is kind to you this weekend. We’ve hard our storm and are forecast for subzero temperatures.

  13. Oh! Opticians and oculists. Then older we get the more often we need their services! Beautiful sunny photos. After a calm morning the wind is picking up again.

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