The Head Gardener’s Photoshoot

We had fun this morning helping Louisa – on the telephone, of course – to provide clues for an Easter Egg Hunt for Jessica and Imogen. Jackie came up with one of the best: ‘Toying with this clue will shed light on the answer’ would lead them to the toy shed in the garden. Because there are no sport programmes on Sky, Errol has cancelled his subscription to the sport section of that provider. Louisa and I between us managed ‘Not so much Sky can be seen here. Poor Dad’ – this for the family T.V.

This afternoon I entered the front garden with the intention of watering the pots. I found Aaron had already done it. That was a result.

Jackie took the garden photoshoot today, so all I needed to do was put all this together.

It was a good wheeze to place tulip pots on a table to obtain these angles.

As can be seen from these shots and the view across the garden to the bare copper beech, Aaron moved the blue wooden table and chairs back onto the patio for the summer.

A range of daffodils continues to delight.

For her focus on honesty the Assistant Photographer chose the bed beside the greenhouse and the Dragon Bed. This year she could have found it almost anywhere.

Her ammi seedling is progressing nicely.

Ajugas are often small and retiring. This one stands proudly erect.

The large wisteria is sending out its grape-like blooming bunches.

Buds about to burst include perky peony

and ornamental onions.

Stained glass songbirds swoop over a startled metal owl.

Erigeron bend well with either iberis,

or osteospermum;

angels wings contrast with red Japanese maple and carmine pelargonium.

Jackie is particularly enamoured of the yellow maple in the Palm Bed

Aubretia brightens edges of paths.

Whoops. I pressed publish prematurely. We are having wholesome soup for dinner this evening. Like me, you will have to guess what it is.



  1. I can understand why the maple is a favourite. Its dark stems make a nice contrast with the leaves. The parrot tulips are looking particularly vibrant and I loved the glass birds.

  2. I’m sure the soup and dinner were delicious. The Head Gardener did a splendid job with the photos, and it sounds like you both had a good time with the Easter visit phone call.
    The yellow maple is beautiful–but there is lots of beauty in your garden.

  3. Love the tulips in the header – I was thinking Jackie was getting very artsy photographer lying down to get these shots. Thank heavens for pots πŸ™‚ Now is that particular ajuga supposed to do that? Or is it really rising above its station? Your clues for the hunt are so good. I used to love writing out the clues and setting up the egg hunts for my kids when they were young. I felt all nostalgic reading of your combined efforts. Happy days!! <3

  4. Derrick, thanks for brightening a gloomy overcast Easter Sunday here in my part of the world πŸ™‚
    I love Jackie’s closeups of the tulips. My compliments on her photo of the Erigen with Iberis. An excellent composition! I couldn’t resist saving a copy to my file of pictures.

  5. I’m not sure what delights me more … the egg hunting clues or the photos. Sending warmest Easter Wishes to you all over there for me over here (no chocolate … the stores were pillaged before we thought of our own desire for a bag of Cadbury mini eggs ☹️). Derrick, might I have an email address for you. I have something I want to ask privately. I can’t find one on your site but perhaps you could send it to Nothing sinister, I promise!

  6. Someone has taken away the display of daffodils from the entrance to our estate, so I thought the ones in my back garden were late. From your photos it would seem not! The white and green tulips look amazing.

  7. The tulip angles I think were worth the wheeze. I have never heard of an ornamental onion. I assume it will flower? Sounds as if you and yours had a Blessed Easter, even with the long distance stuff.

    1. Ornamental Onions are usually called ‘Alliums’ I suppose it sounds prettier. Those are something ‘ giants’ The label blew away!

  8. The tulip angles I think were worth the wheeze. I have never heard of an ornamental onion. I assume it will flower? Sounds as if you and yours had a Blessed Easter, even with the long distance stuff.

  9. Although we are all dealing with CV-19 and we can never count on our economies bring robust from year to year, one thing I do know we can always count on yours and Jackie’s beautiful gardens from year to year..never disappoints us!

    1. I’ll try not to disappoint, but with all my local garden centres closed I am having to get creative with the containers and baskets!!

      1. You’re definitely being creative!! I miss my gardens, but a lot of work but nice to see and enjoy the the fruits of your labor, except when mother nature surprise yiu with something that makes a mess of every think you just worked so hard to clean up. I hated that part!!

  10. The head gardener did a wonderful job. Beautiful colors! I love the yellows and the purples. I can see why she is particularly enamoured of the yellow maple. Aaron is quite a good person to have around.

    1. Aaron is a star and has taken on every thing D used to do, I could not manage without him. (Almost every thing Derrick used to do!) He has also brought his varied talents to the garden, such as laying brick paths, fencing, hanging gates, painting fences, etc. etc. I have a notice at the back entrance that says ‘Aarons Garden’ !!!!

  11. That is a surfeit of flower portraits. Stained glass songbirds swoop over a startled metal owl could have been the opening line of an ode.

  12. Excellent team work, Jackie and Derrick!
    The garden colours in April are so stunning and give us hope and joy! The yellows and purples always make me sigh and smile! -)
    Aaron is such a great helper!
    HUGS!!! and <3 πŸ™‚
    PS….was it mixed veggie soup, potato soup, tomato soup, spinach soup, onion soup, squash soup, bean soup, everything-but-the-kitchen-sink soup…
    Okay, I'll stop now. πŸ™‚

  13. I miss the egg hunts! Come on, grandchildren! I hope I am blessed with them also someday

    So bright and cheerful! I did not go out yesterday, and I regret that. I will have to remedy that today and find something green and alive to enjoy–

      1. It was really lovely, I nursed a cup of tea and spent a happy hour late one evening reading through a month’s worth of your words & photography. Thank you so much both x

  14. Clever clue Jackie! The unruly tulips with lots of green in their petals are my favourite kind of all. We have a few tulip growers around here, and that kind of tulip always draws me.

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