On The Brink Of May

Before watching the Women’s Six Nations rugby decider between England and France this afternoon I wandered around the garden to look at the flowers. Blossom cascades from two crab apple trees at the front, where pink climbing roses pink climbing roses cling to the trellis opposite the smiling pansies against the garage door. Libertia andContinue reading “On The Brink Of May”

The Head Gardener’s Photoshoot

We had fun this morning helping Louisa – on the telephone, of course – to provide clues for an Easter Egg Hunt for Jessica and Imogen. Jackie came up with one of the best: ‘Toying with this clue will shed light on the answer’ would lead them to the toy shed in the garden. BecauseContinue reading “The Head Gardener’s Photoshoot”

Bees Beat Crab Apple Blossom

Jackie, with token assistance from me, continued with planting and watering today. I mostly rambled around, carting a few items along the paths. We have a selection of marigolds; ajugas, such as this one blending with pulmonaria, are popping up everywhere; and our monstrous Spanish bluebells are thriving on the enriched soil. Among the recent plantingsContinue reading “Bees Beat Crab Apple Blossom”


In suggesting the Japanese kawazu zakora as a possible identification for yesterday’s pink flowering cherry, arlingwoman said that her first thought had been kwanzan. We do, we then realised, have one of those. It was featured in ‘The Gate Of India’ Still fairly sluggish in the morning, I worked on Jackie’s garden plans. No. That doesn’tContinue reading “Immigrants”

Nearly There

The only bathroom cabinet in the house capable of containing anything useful to ablutions was in the downstairs loo, where it was probably superfluous to requirements. It was so positioned that, I have it on good authority, when rising from the lavatory seat one was likely to hit one’s head on the bottom corner. We tookContinue reading “Nearly There”