Playing With The Big Girls

On a bright, sunny, and warm morning we took a trip to

Everton Nurseries were there was no queue and Jackie was able to buy the elusive trailing petunias. The young man collecting up the discarded trolleys

sanitised the handles of every one.

It was perhaps no coincidence that he was tall enough to have a fair chance of keeping the requisite distance when sanitising the hands of customers needing it. Β Most potential purchasers were wearing masks and gloves.

The notice in the centre foreground of the first picture spelt out the outlet’s necessary rules. One can forgive the superfluous apostrophe.

Jackie then drove me into the forest where, on a green on the outskirts of East End, a couple of ponies grazed.

She decanted me on Sowley Lane, along which I walked for half an hour before she followed and picked me up.

We have seen this assorted group of ponies in this vicinity for a good couple of years now.

The little Falabella is still allowed to play with the big girls.

The animals are normally quite comfortable in my company, but on this occasion they showed me a clean pair of hooves and, surprisingly, ran away.

This involved nipping over a pipe that Jackie soon afterwards photographed.

One of the larger ponies balked at the obstacle, and rapidly clattered across the tarmac heading straight for me. This distracted be somewhat as it was now me who had to nip – out of her way.

Off she dashed, mane and tail swishing past me,

to catch up with her equally fearful companions.

Jackie then turned her attention to a pulsing sound emanating from a crop field being irrigated on the opposite side of the road.

Water was being pumped from the lake and passed under the road by means of the pipe shown above.

Having satisfied her curiosity about the pumping sound Jackie turned her attention to the cock pheasant still trying to attract the attention of the hen who appeared to have rejected him earlier.

Next, she photographed me photographing the retreating equines,

then turning to continue on my way, eventually photographing

the car and cyclists seen approaching.

Other cyclists

and a tractor shared the road featuring

the eponymous lake on my left

and, on my right, woodland,

occasionally damp;


and a few attractive houses and gardens.

This evening we dined on oven fish, baked beans, and Jackie’s home made chips, with which she drank Hoegaarden and I drank Vina Majestica Rioja reserva 2013.




  1. That group of ponies certainly was assorted. I wouldn’t mind having any one of them munching on my front or back lawn!
    Was it Jackie’s photo technique or Nature that made that pheasant so colorful?
    The houses are what we call Colonial style over here, very nice!

  2. It’s a twofer day. I don’t think I’d like being run at by a wide eyed, fearful horse. And that farmer would get into trouble here for his actions. Despite those two activities it is all very bucolic and scenic and pretty. It’s so helpful on a morning when I opened my kitchen door and got hit by a blast of cold southerly air. Ah the joys of winter πŸ™‚

    1. We are pleased to warm you up a bit, Pauline. I thought there were rather too many pics for one post πŸ™‚ I am not sure but I think the lake and the farm, albeit separated by the road, are all part of the Sowley Estate. Thanks very much.

  3. I used to collect superfluous apostrophes. They hold little value though for they are liberally scattered on signboards throughout the English-speaking world. So I gave up the chase. Their appearance still make my hackles rise though!

    1. The modern St Thomas’s Hospital in Westminster must have spent thousands on signage, some carved in stone – all without the final s. The bus that stops outside has it right.

  4. Beautiful, restful scenery. I always love these forest drives, especially the ponies. Little Falabella is very sweet-looking. πŸ™‚

  5. That was great fun…like walking around with you two–I enjoy this quality, especially in your combined shots. The horses are always curious for me to see–do not have them very near the city! But I do love the last 3 pictures…the one with the fence close up is my fave.

  6. It looks like you and Jackie had a lovely day rambling around, avoiding horses, pheasants, and people. I suppose we can forgive the apostrophe–this time. 😏

  7. I’ve not been to my local Plant Nursery since the start of our distancing regulations Derrick….. I’ll be going soon,… I suppose the same general rules will be in place……

  8. Oh, wonderful photos by both of you! Are you saying that you remember this specific group of ponies and horses from before? Like, they are a tribe that hangs together? That is fascinating. I don’t think I knew ponies did that.

    1. All the roaming animals stick in their groups and locations. This one is so varied that they are very easy to identify. Thanks very much, Jodie.

  9. Superfluous apostrophes make me smile. But I have a grammar-punctuation-nut friend…and those kinds of things really bother him. πŸ˜€

    Cooper was thinking a Plant Nursery might be just the place to leave his mark! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜›

    Love that little Falabella is included. “Girls just wanna’ have fun…” πŸ™‚ Wonder if we don’t know it and she is the one in charge. ???

    Phenomenal pheasant photo, Jackie!!! πŸ™‚

    Always nip with care!
    HUGS!!! πŸ™‚

  10. That was nice of the tall young man to sanitize an open hand. I enjoyed the lovely ponies on the move and able to stay close together.

  11. The lake scene is so peaceful. I love the reflection of the tree line. Glad Jackie found the trailing petunias. I’ve not made it to a garden center yet this spring. But I sure did a lot of much-needed transplanting, so it worked out.

  12. Beautiful photos! Glad you were able to get to a garden center. Where I am people are still wearing masks and I think we are required to, but I’m really not sure because our governor keeps changing the rules. lol. I’m having a hard time keeping up, so I just wear the mask for now! (Probably will wear it anyhow for awhile).

  13. Beautiful pictures but I’m worried about the risk to that young employee of the nursery who is clearly having to stand too close to the customers to sanitise their hands.

  14. Funny how something unexpected can make some horses nervous. Our dog Woody is often startled by something out of place such as the watering can that wasn’t there half an hour previously!

    For the safety of all those customers that he is getting a little too close to I think the young guy spraying hand sanitizer should be wearing a mask. After all, the idea of wearing a mask is for the safety of others not for oneself.

  15. Ah, a journey from your house is so different from mine! I loved walking and traveling with you, seeing “the eponymous lake” (I had to look that one up… and then I wondered, “OK, whose name was the lake given?”) and the ponies, the bikers, and the beautiful trees along your path. Thank you for sharing. Your 2013 wine got me wondering what kind of temperature controlled cellar you must have to keep a Rioja in drinkable condition all those years. I love Riojas!

  16. Another nice day it seems you both enjoyed. It is astonishing how many superfluous apostrophes I’ve seen even in the UK

  17. Wildlife is so great to see
    Hope you and Jackie are doing well,
    I’ve had a terrible set of migraines this week. But felt ok enough to read and comment on some posts.

    1. So sorry to read about your migraines, More. Much appreciate you reading and commenting – especially in the circumstances. Thanks very much.

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