Playing With The Big Girls

On a bright, sunny, and warm morning we took a trip to Everton Nurseries were there was no queue and Jackie was able to buy the elusive trailing petunias. The young man collecting up the discarded trolleys sanitised the handles of every one. It was perhaps no coincidence that he was tall enough to haveContinue reading “Playing With The Big Girls”

Mutual Grooming

This morning I printed a copy of this photograph for Aaron; I then e-mailed this image, taken from “Sherwood Forest Snowballs”, to Michael’s children; and scanned and sent this print of Michael and Louisa taken at Oxton in May 1999 to my daughter. This afternoon we took a short drive in the forest, ending upContinue reading “Mutual Grooming”

An Incontestable Explanation

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED It was an interesting day. We began by searching out a garden parasol that would meet the exacting requirements of the Head Gardener. Beginning with Stewart’s at Christchurch, where we at least bought a dahlia with this month’s half price offer token, we travelled to Redcliffe NurseriesContinue reading “An Incontestable Explanation”

A Result

Today being Jackie’s birthday, her choice of activity was to work in the garden. Oh joy. We managed to postpone finishing off yesterday’s task by going on an arch hunt. Otter Nurseries in Everton didn’t have metal ones; Everton Nurseries had some but they were too small; so we went off in the opposite direction toContinue reading “A Result”