No More Dado Rails

Although the fierce winds that we have experienced for the last few days continued to pound us for much of the day, it was warm, sunny, and bright, encouraging me to wander round the garden with my camera.

A few trugs were transported, and a few pots blown down;

some trees were being stripped of their foliage,

although others still sported autumn hues.

Flower beds remained reasonably colourful.

The good news of the day is that Nick Hayter was able to start our decorating project on time and that the impending lockdown allows him to work on. Living up to Barry’s recommendation he is a relentless, thorough, worker, and, given the atrocities we inherited he needs to be.

He began today with a zinsser primer on the false ceiling rafters, and progressed to

the momentous removal of the equally fake picture rails, which longer term readers will remember are in fact dado rails – still bearing the supplier’s bar codes – and as such flat topped and therefore useless for picture hooks.

It was later that Nick realised that the original wall paint had not been thinned and consequently simply peeled off like stiff paper.

This evening we dined on Jackie’s spicy lamb jalfrezi and aromatic savoury rice with a plain paratha. The Culinary Queen drank Hoegaarden and I drank Coudougno Faugeres 2019.


  1. What a huge project that is turning out to be! I’m glad you have a reliable workman who can continue to work through the lockdown — that will help both you and him!

  2. Hi Derrick – glad nick can stay working and love the action shots of him
    Also – we have had winds on and off here too – pulling the leaves a bit

  3. Peeling paper looks fun. I would have been tempted to join in. I wonder the significance of the Roman Numeral tattoo on Nick Heyter’s arm. Children’s birth dates perhaps? Or a reminder for wedding anniversary ?

  4. Ah! Jalfarezi! I love it. These days, because mutton (goat meat) is out of my diet I make it with chicken. Not as robust a flavor as the one with mutton, nevertheless, delicious.

  5. Still so much color in the garden, Derrick and Jackie! The home renovation project looks like it is coming along nicely, and should get finished in good time.

  6. the garden will recover, hope the glass lamp on the table didn’t sustain a break – and it looks like the house is going to finally be “yours”. I can’t understand why someone would install a fake dado rail! You are lucky that the renovation could continue, here everything but emergencies were cancelled…

  7. You seem to have had much worse winds than we did. Mind you, your garden has a lot more things to blow over than ours does. We get so much wind on a regular basis that there is no percentage on putting up things that blow down. I hope that your garden will soon be back in apple pie order.

  8. I remember those dado rails from my childhood. Your renovations will be a great improvement. Nick looks like he’s having fun with that wall paper. We’ve had quite high winds here today, but not like yours. Glad there wasn’t much damage to your garden.

  9. gusty winds you had and lovely colors in you garden still. Nick is progressing quite well with the renovation. such projects are exciting. πŸ™‚

  10. I’m glad you have persistent, responsible help with your decorating project. Not always easy to find. We’ve had a lot of wind over hear on this side of the pond, too. Maybe they are the winds of change. Good change, I hope.

  11. The continuation of the renovation work is a reassuring sign that life is back on rails, dado rails or not. The gentleman seems intent on the assignment. The garden seems to be in a brooding phase during the transition of weather.

  12. I’m pleased the decorating prep is going well and according to plan.
    I don’t know about you but I’m getting very tired of the high winds, it doesn’t help that we’re so high up. The rain has been constant this past week, so much so that down in Otley the River Wharfe has burst its banks.

  13. Once you have found a “relentless, thorough, worker” he is to be treasured. Very, very few can produce work of a decent standard, at a fair price, turn up on time and not need to be treated like a Disney princess.

  14. YAY for Nick and his knowledge and good work! God bless him! I couldn’t do that work if I wanted to. πŸ™‚ Hope it all goes well, in good time, and doesn’t cost extra. πŸ˜‰
    I hope in the fierce and gusty winds that all of the owls survived!
    The autumn hues are a beautiful addition to all of the other colours in your garden!
    HUGS!!! πŸ™‚

  15. Nothing like a trans-Atlantic construction tip. When you mentioned Zinsser, the name seemed familiar. I vaguely remembered using one of their paints in the far past, so I went to look. When I did, I discovered that they still manufacture a sanding sealer. I used to use another brand regularly, but it went off the market, and I haven’t seen any for some time. Some of the younger varnishers don’t even know what it is. I have a place to try some of the Zinsser, which I intend to do. If it works well, I’ll have an old tool back in the toolbox.

  16. Great to get a bit of redecorating done Derrick. I was delighted to see that you still have some beautiful autumn colour left in your garden after the high winds, winds which we also experienced over the past week but glad to say today was sunny and there was no wind at all.

    1. Yes – just painting them white which has made a big difference. With an art ceiling as well it seemed a bit too daunting to do anything else. Thanks a lot, Andrew.

      1. We had some in a previous house and I tried painting them but they were made of plastic and it was a complete failure but then again I am not a professional painter and decorator. We moved house instead.

  17. Crikey! First, I’m glad your room is getting sorted. Fancy putting dado rails up where picture rails should be!
    Sorry to hear about the disturbance caused by the wind. I hope it didn’t cause the Head Gardener too much chagrin.

  18. I wish I could hire Mr Hayter, he seems tenacious! How nice to still have flowering plants in the garden and that they made it through the storm. Will there always be something blooming until spring? I know some places in the UK get snow but think of it as much more milder than Canada. Cheers xK

    1. Thanks very much, Kelly. We are in one of the mildest areas of England and should have blooms right through until spring. Mind you, anything goes this year. We even have a large gladiolus blooming now. x

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