Tracking Sunset

The day was still grimly dark by the time we left to deliver Elizabeth a tub of Jackie’s chicken and vegetable stewp. (Interested readers will note that I have changed my spelling from stoup, because stewp is what google recognises and who am I to argue?)

Whenever the vehicle in front of us seems especially slow for no apparent reason, it is quite probable that a cyclist will be pedalling along ahead.

So it was today on School Lane. Even when the towed trailer on the road reached a wide enough section of the narrow winding route to be able to pass safely, the rider pulled more into the centre.

A pleasant young lady riding her pony crossed Pilley Street to open the gate for equine access, closed it again while waving to a van driver, then, with a friendly greeting, entered Burnt House Lane ahead of us.

We found Elizabeth happily working in her garden, enjoyed a short conversation, and set off to track the now almost visible sun towards the setting hour.

Glimmers were seen from Burnt House Lane;

a little lower from Warborne Lane;

Walhampton was blessed with Jesus Beams;

sunset wasn’t far off beyond the silent coastal preservation machinery;

and all but retreated behind the clouds at Barton on Sea.

We had begun our trip following a bicyclist along School Road – on Grove Road, Barton, we tailed a unicyclist who kept well out of our way.

This evening we dined on oven fish and chips and baked beans with which we both drank Marlborough Cabernet Sauvignon 2019.


  1. You always upload such beautiful photos, Derrick! I like your term Jesus Beams. I call them the Hand of God touching Earth. ??❀️

  2. I don’t think Google’s spelling would always be marked 10/10. The issue of spelling soupe / stewp, surely depends on the thickness of the finished dish… the more hearty warmer being the Stewp.
    I’d rely on personal judgement, and a bit of variety, rather than Google πŸ™‚
    These are such beautiful skies. Soft grey is fast becoming one of my favourite colours, particularly when warmed with ‘Jesus beams’.

  3. I enjoy stew and soup and stewp! πŸ™‚
    Good to see people out and about in and on all sorts of modes of transportation.
    Hey! to Elizabeth! Great gardening work, Elizabeth! πŸ™‚
    Looks like the clouds tried to steal the show from the sun, but the sun gave the grand finale!!! πŸ™‚
    My mom used to call such spectacular “shows” “Jesus is coming again” skies. πŸ™‚
    HUGS!!! πŸ™‚

  4. A blogging friend (Colleen Brown) used the word ‘Dimmet’, to describe, twighlight, and dusk on her site yesterday.. I didn’t know the word Derrick…. a new day, and a new word..

  5. I think we’ll just have a roasted chicken and garden vegetables this evening. If temperature gets up to 30C again, we’ll just have the chicken with salad. πŸ™‚

  6. Elizabeth looks so happy in her garden. Just lovely. And what a score! A sweet pony rider and a unicyclist in one outing! I do have to ask, (not knowing a thing about such things) why did the pony rider bother to open the gate when the road was right there? Couldn’t she have gone down the road and then hopped over to the horse path? And why bother with gates when the road is wide open?

      1. Oh, that’s a wonderful post, Derrick – It sounds like you had just moved into your home, am I right? I think I came along soon afterward, because I remember photos of your garden when parts of it were just dirt!

        thank you for the fencing explanation. So lovely that your grandchildren know the same book that you read to Louisa. That’s wonderful.

  7. Beautiful set of photos, Derrick. The unicyclist must be a very accomplished rider, and I’m both impressed and cringing at his lack of helmet, knee or leg pads.

  8. I didn’t know those were called Jesus beams! Beautiful sunsets! The equestrienne reminds me of my youth when I often went to horse shows, usually as a spectator. One of the most interesting classes to watch was the trail class of obstacles one of which was the opening of a gate from horseback. This young lady and her lovely pony have clearly mastered this.

  9. delightful set of photos, Derrick. Elizabeth’s smile is contagious! beautiful sunset photos. first time to read Jesus Beams πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  10. Jesus Beams!! I remember reading what this particular sun and cloud phenomenon is called, but darned if I can remember. Jesus Beams works much better. The first Jesus Beams photo with the signpost looks very cinematic, as does the one with the machinery. My favorite is the last Trees Against Sky.

  11. I add my admiration for the capturing of the dramatic skyscapes – as well as learning about both stewp and dimmet, neither of which I have come across before. Elizabeth must have been delighted with her stewp after her bout of gardening.

  12. Now if the cyclist had pulled to the side and let the trailer past, the trailer driver would have told all his mates how considerate he had been, rather than tell the truth which shows an extremely inconsiderate person.

  13. Such a pleasant ride. Horses, bicycle riders and Elizabeth working in her garden. We have her ‘before’ picture, later in summer we’ll her ‘after’ flowers blooming picture!

  14. I always love your photos, Derrick. They’re such a vivid representation of a day in the life of Jackie and Derrick. It makes it easy to follow along on your adventures. Stewp, stoup. Either sounds delicious! I’m left wondering two things: what was Elizabeth doing in her garden? As a winter gardener, I appreciate that others garden year-round, too. I’ve been cutting old leaves off my hellebores. And what was the temperature this day? The unicyclist has short-sleeves, so I’m guessing it’s quite mild right now?

    1. About 8C, Cheryl. Generally catching up with neglected autumn clearance – Elizabeth has borne the brunt of the sale of Mum’s house and its various complications. Thanks very much

  15. Goodness – am surprised that the uni cyclist was in T-shirt sleeves. Mind you, you have captured the fact that lockdown can bring out the novel. Lovely uplifting post, Derrick.

  16. That is one sentient bicyclist. Elizabeth is surely utilising the isolation to the hilt, and is in dire need of Jackie’s culinary delights. And all those atheists who scoff at the idea of a Superpower, there is the conundrum of the unicyclists to chew on.

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