Woodland Denizens

The weather temperature has plummeted. Early this morning Jackie photographed ice on the new water features.

Beginning mid-morning I wasted four hours and my frayed nerve ends wrestling with an on line banking problem arising from a regular heating fuel supplier who had changed their bank details, and a system which could not adequately cope with the change. I will bore neither myself nor my readers by elaborating on this issue.

This afternoon Jackie successfully restored my equilibrium by offering to take me for a forest drive, with the proviso that she wafted past Ferndene Farm Shop en route. I accepted with the generous suggestion that she could shop there if she so desired. The ensuing shopping was a very smooth operation.

I wandered among the woodland alongside Bisterne Close, photographing isolated ponies; general scenes including fallen branches, gorse, and mossy roots; the serpentine stretched limbs of a giant oak; and the dried autumn leaves I crunched underfoot to create the only sounds in the otherwise silent forest. There was not even any birdsong.

Jackie, meanwhile had pictured some trees, one of which was a holly with pony tooth marks on the trunk, prompting the realisation that all such scores are borne by hollies on which we have noticed these equines’ marks over the winter. She also captured


and a resident squirrel.

While I drafted this post two separate falls of snow streaked, and drifted, past my window. None settled.

This evening we dined on Jackie’s splendid egg fried rice with a rack of spare ribs marinaded in plum sauce. The Culinary Queen drank Peroni and I drank more of the Cotes du Rhone.


      1. Good. It’s a very different way to handle finances compared to writing checks and sending them via snail mail.

  1. Those tangled tree branches are amazing. They’d look wonderful in oils.

    Yesterday morning I awoke to a smattering of snow on the ground that had fallen overnight, it disappeared by mid-morning. It blew a gale for the remainder of the day. Today, similar to you it has snowed on and off and has been bitterly cold.
    Bring back Spring!

  2. Bet we can easily guess your Zen spot. Very magnanimous of you to tell your bride she could also shop as well as preview the store.

  3. My goodness, ice and snow in April still — we have already had a week of 90 degree (F) weather! I love the ponies, and those trees are magnificent!

  4. The marks on the holly trees made by the ponies are interesting. I wonder if they are partial to holly bark in particular as a kind of regulator (i.e. medicinal use) for I know the leaves and berries are toxic.

  5. Such beautiful woodland scenes – the perfect tonic for online issues…
    Your squirrel photo is amazing… Beatrix Potter would approve of her modern day Nutkin, I’m sure!
    I am so inspired by Jackie’s solar fountain – I would love one myself; they look so fun for the birds, and watching humans, too!
    I was walking this afternoon and we, too, had snow – followed by lovely soft evening sun… we must be in England!!

  6. You don’t appear to have much luck with your online bank Derrick but I’m sure the ponies, Mr Squirrel and the forest soothed you.

  7. I understand, Derrick – our bank merged with another last year and it is now that the chaos has begun!
    My brave ponies look so unbothered by the mysterious appearance of the forest – good for them!
    Thanks for a lovely stroll!

  8. I’m sorry about the online banking problems. So frustrating when you have deal with things like that.
    The forest photos are beautiful. I love the giant oak limbs!

    We had cold weather last week and a few flurries, but now it’s beautiful and warm.

  9. I’m sorry about the bank issues…so frustrating. I’ll try and send some of our warmer temperatures your way, Derrick. We saw our first hummingbird today…YAY!

  10. I like that deal you made with your wise mate – a restorative ride to the forest for a stop at the farm shop sound good to me. The serpentine oak limbs are eerily beautiful and enchanting. I like the detail and look of that squirrel.

  11. When I saw the ice on your water features, I said, that can’t be right! Your garden is blooming! I love the squirrel portrait. He is most charming.

  12. Oh the hassles of dealing with banks, credit card companies, all of them. I feel your pain. I’m glad Jackie helped you recover. I love the squirrel photo. I’m amazed that you’re seeing such cold temps again not to mention snow. We’ve had above average temps for weeks. Now we’re experiencing below seasonal temps. It’s hard to know what to expect from one day to the next.

  13. sorry about your banking issues, Derrick but you brought us beautiful woodland photos today! what a delight to see the ponies. the squirrel looks like it’s up for something! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks you very much, Lola. The most frustrating thing about such problems is the inability to meet and discuss in person – the same the world over, of course.

  14. Oh, my, on the ice! Brr… ? Can’t wait to see the water features unfrozen! πŸ™‚
    So sorry to hear about the banking troubles…always a bummer.
    But, yay…Jackie to the rescue and the beautiful forest drive and joys! Thank you for taking us along for the ride and the walk!
    Your photos, Jackie and Derrick, are wonderful! And, oh, what a handsome squirrel who posed so royally! I find it a joy to watch squirrels at work and play. πŸ™‚
    We’ve had snow as late as May…but that is a rarity! In May the high temps should be warm…in the low 70’s.
    (((HUGS))) πŸ™‚

  15. Those trees and their dramatic branches are really great to study. They remind me of a children’s book (I wish I could think of the title) where the tree branches were arms. I was actually a little afraid of that book, but always wanted to look at it.

  16. Bank issues from the online side can be frustrating. One of our bank upgraded the online banking and for three months I was dealing with the tech people to get logged on.

  17. Your water features are similar to those found in every Hispanic courtyard in South Florida, Derrick. Lovely photos of the trees and ponies, and I love Jackie’s close-up of the squirrel.

  18. I’ve always enjoyed your pony photos, {{{Derrick}}} – and now I have to add the “serpentine stretched limbs of a giant oak; and the dried autumn leaves ” [that you] “crunched underfoot to create the only sounds in the otherwise silent forest” to my list of favorites. Your photos are enhanced by your brilliant descriptions. What a delight to travel with you on the forest drive! Thank you. <3

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