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Just as she began working on the garden this morning Jackie witnessed Nugget 3rd wondering how to get down from the kitchen wall pebbledash.

She spent much of the day gathering up various items blown around the garden; retying loosened climbing plants; and redesigning the Pond Bed, while this afternoon, listening to tittering and songs from birds and the buzzing of bees, I finished weeding the Oval Path. Early this evening the sun put in its first reasonable appearance of the day, and I stumbled around the garden photographing a few current views.

This is the rest of the Oval Path

Here is Jackie’s current work on the Pond Bed and

the Brick Path. This last image should provide a clue to

Where’s Jackie? (6)

Other images include

the corner of the Palm Bed beside the Gazebo Path;

the Shady Path, which needs more work, including replacing the collapsing Ace Reclaim bench with the new wooden one we still have to assemble;

the Rose Garden where tulips are still holding the fort for the roses to come;

seedlings in the greenhouse;

and Where’s Nugget Jnr? (3) which might need bigifying.

For this evening’s dinner we enjoyed third sittings of Jackie’s splendid jalfrezi meal with the same beverages as yesterday.


  1. What a fun post, Derrick – I love your garden; always so much to see: I’m not surprised you have so many Nuggets there!
    The brick path is lovely. Reminiscent of a traditional cottage garden.
    – I like the shot with the Head Gardener at the end of it, and the wyly Owl happily supervising half way down.
    Thanks for the tip to biggify your final shot; well worth it, as I found Nugget Jnr!

  2. Well done both of you for working so hard in your garden! All these nooks look so interesting and then there are even more seedlings waiting their turn to shine!

  3. Such a lovely house and garden. Thanks for sharing. There is a unique relationship between the English and their gardens. Congrats.

  4. I love your garden, so well kept! Little birds like you show like to hang on the side of my stucco and eat little bugs So cute.

      1. I love tiny birds, they are so cute hanging upside down and on walls. Recently two little birds blasted by me just above my head while I was relaxing in the backyard. I could actually hear the air moving as they went by, better watch mt head, eh!

  5. It’s great to see Nugget3 again in your photos of your magnificent garden — I hope he comes around daily to say hello — such a great reminder of the season! You’ll have to hide Nugget and Jackie better in each post — they’re wonderful relaxing and recuperative exercises!

  6. Wow … It’s 9.00am here in Geelong, and I am definitely no early bird today… my day has just begun, and your garden photos are a pleasant start for my awakening eyes ….

  7. I really like that photo of Nugget III on the kitchen wall. It’s fun to imagine hanging out in the greenhouse surrounded by plants when it’s cold outside.

  8. Jackie is still working tirelessly I see. Number three image is my favourite of your shots today. I’m glad to see 3rd generation Nugget hanging around there.

  9. derrick, I seem to have caught up! I can see that your garden provides you with much rest and pondering, especially after some of your walks in the forest/beach/surrounds. But also a fair bit of maintenance at certain times of the year aka good exercise…as for nugget that’s some possie he got caught in this morning…

  10. A friend of ours told us of a weedkiller which is designed for brick paths and patios especially, It kills the weeds and grass, but then becomes inert after, say, six or eight hours so it can’t harm either animals or insects.

  11. The Oval Path, Brick Path and the Pond Bed bear testimony to the hard work being put in by you and Jackie. Jackie is of course crouching like a tiger among the greens. I am happy at arrival of the newer generation of Nugget perched atop the fence one third from the right.

  12. I also found them both. 🙂 The Nugget lineage of youngsters seems to be staking a claim on the garden. How on earth did Nugget Junior get up on a wall like that? He has strong toes, for sure!

    I love that greenhouse. One like that is on my wish list. 🙂

    1. Thank you very much, Lavinia. Well spotted. I think that Nugget’s grandson wondered that, too. :)We got the greenhouse at half price about 3 years ago

  13. Well, I did spot Jackie and Nugget Jnr after bigifying ?. I had been wondering how Nugget et al. had been getting on!

  14. Jackie has bent down, hard at work behind greenery, in the top quarter of the photo. Little Nugget is sitting on the fence to the right of the hanging white planters.

  15. Nope, didn’t need “bigifying” … Bob spotted Nugget right away! Garden’s looking good already. Lotta work there! Good for you both. Thanks for sharing the results of your handiwork. <3

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