She Brought A Friend

This afternoon we visited Milford Pharmacy.

Scaffolding was being erected in Island View Close; while

bowls matches were under way at Milford Bowls Club, where an appropriate weather vane stands atop their flagpole.

Perhaps a Southampton F. C. supporter lost his hat outside the club.

We then drove to Pilley for the purpose of continuing the seasonal changes project begun on 5th May.

The first picture in this gallery repeats the representative image which began the plan, without the pony drinking.

For the pony to be included would have been an amazing coincidence, wouldn’t it?

Or so I thought.

As I turned away my equine model approached from the distant grassland. I waited. She took up the position. I clicked.

And she brought a friend.

I was able to walk across the dry receding bank to photograph the second choice scene from the other side of the lake. Note the fresh green leaves on the reflected trees, and the water crowfoots still in bloom on the surface.

An assiduous group of donkeys were keeping the verges of the East End Arms car park trimmed for the reopening.

On our return home Jackie finished her work on redesigning the Pond Bed; together we replaced the red iron railing; and she added a new Brick Path sign.

In the meantime I made a little more progress on weeding the Shady Path.

The white metal Ace Reclaim bench shows that the Shady Path runs alongside the Palm Bed, now sporting two flowering rhododendrons and its own share of wild garlic alliums.

This evening we dined on Jackie’s flavoursome savoury rice topped with a thick omelette and served with a melange of hot and spicy and tempura prawns with sweet chilli sauce. She drank Hoegaarden and I drank more of the Malbec.


  1. Weeding is such a time-consuming job that I am pleased you both take a break from gardening to show the rest of us what goes on elsewhere in your part of the world.

  2. That weather vane is so fun! Never saw one like that. Fun to see the top photos of people playing together. I think that’s what we call Bocce Ball? And all hail to the donkeys!

  3. Your perfectly timed shot of the pretty, coy poney was taken outside what looks like a pub – whose garden looks to be filled with outdoor cover for Covid safe hospitality; I do hope they’re busy. So many pubs have worked so hard with the outdoor facilities they have created.
    The weather vane is fantastic! It reminds me of the signature images skillfully made by thatchers on their roofs in past posts.

  4. What a pleasant surprise to see the white pony again! The donkeys have made a nice job of the grass outside the pub and the pond bed looks lovely after all Jackie’s hard work!

  5. The pond bed looks amazing.
    Those animals are so adorable, love the photos.
    The pictures of the lake make me think of times I went fishing as a kid. So beautiful

  6. I am not a fan of wires stretched indiscriminately across landscapes. They ruin many photographic opportunities. You have managed to make them interesting however. The theme frame is apt. Appearance of the pony is wonderful too. If your camera and focal length positions are made constant, you will end up with a fascinating time lapse sequence after a few months. The trimming and redecorating enterprises in the garden are yielding very pleasing results.

  7. The shot of the pond was magnificent all by itself as it unfolded on my screen… but then the white pony appeared. Wow!! What a gorgeous scene! You captured it beautifully, {{{Derrick}}} – thanks for sharing <3

  8. I like the summertime look of the Bowls Club with everyone in their white shirts. The pond photos are lovely, especially with the pony.

  9. another magnificent day in the life of your two selves – both inhouse and on the roads and lanes.

    yes like many parts of the world, some businesses cannot re-open; the bottom line hasn’t just crept up – it raced up and taken it a nasty evil hold of the owners. As well, as the patrons who might have fallen themselves on hard times, or re-thought what/how to balance work/life – if they still have work.

    still huge amounts of empty with For Lease signs in all suburbs of my city…from minor Mom/Pop stores through to chains. Looking upwards in tower buildings, many offices gone to home, or downsized the floor $pace required.

    but what hasn’t stopped is the amount of new housing – where there was one house with garden space, up pop 4-6 cheek by jowl housing with not much room to swing a cat in the minuscule gardens…

  10. After “Where’s Nugget?” and “Where’s Jackie?” you missed a very big chance indeed to start a “Where’s Sir Francis Drake?” contest with those photographs of the bowls club.

  11. Oh, what beautiful photos of a beautiful day! Love seeing the Human-Beans out and about having fun. AND seeing the animals out and about living life.
    That is so beautiful that the pony brought a friend! What a perfect photo!
    And the photo of the green-leafed-tree in reflection is so breath-taking!
    You know I always love the donkeys! “assiduous group of donkeys” made me snort-laugh! πŸ˜€
    The Brick Path sign is lovely!
    (((HUGS))) πŸ™‚
    PS…The weeds always keep us hopping. You’re doing great work on them. How are your knees today?

  12. The lake shots are beautiful. I suppose now you will have to wait for a pony to make an appearance each time. ? I like the shadows and reflections that you captured there, too.
    Dinner sounds delicious.

    1. Thanks very much, Merril. The same thought had occurred to me – I dismissed it πŸ™‚ I’m pleased you appreciated the shadows which were not in the original format.

  13. What a fabulous stroke of luck for the grey to turn up at just the right moment and with a friend too.

  14. It looks like a beautiful late spring day there, Derrick, and it was nice of the pony to bring a friend down to the pond. Is your weather starting to become a little drier as summer approaches?

    I enjoyed seeing the donkeys, too. πŸ™‚

    You and Jackie have done a wonderful job with your own gardens. What a peaceful, beautiful place!

  15. I never get tired of wandering through your garden, Derrick. My hat is off to you and Jackie for all your care. The shot of the horse at the lake is stunning. Your patience paid off.

  16. Oh, how lovely that the pony showed up again for you! with a friend! I’m glad for the comment about Bocce ball because that’s what it looked like to me, but I am not familiar enough to know. Glad you looked it up and confirmed.

  17. I never tire of seeing your ponies, {{{Derrick}}}. That shot of the two of them by the lake is lovely. The tempura prawns with sweet chili sauce made my mouth water. Think I need to look for some for tomorrow’s dinner. <3

  18. I must try the Malbec. Is β€˜bowl’, a synonym for β€˜bocce ball’? Lovely garden. Our trees are just coming into bloom. Have a great day!

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