Summer Wine For My Birthday

The weather remained cool and breezy today with barely a glimmer of sunshine. We received welcome visits from Shelly this morning, and from Elizabeth this afternoon, each bringing birthday presents.

One of my sister-in-law’s gifts was a little pocket dead header which I employed on my photographic afternoon ramble round the garden.

It enabled me to produce a presentable picture of Doris Tysterman.

The rest of these photographs can be identified by clicking on any one to access the gallery. Don’t miss the bee and the hoverflies.

This evening we dined at Lal Quilla where we both started with Prawn purees; Jackie’s main course was chicken sag, and mine King Prawn naga; we shared a plain paratha and special fried rice, and both drank J. Tourville RosΓ© d’ Anjou 2018. The food and service was as good as always.

Now I am going to watch the Euro 20 football semi-final between England and Denmark.


  1. So far Denmark is ahead, but I hope England recoups. Your roses are splendid, Derrick, as are the rest of your flowers. Happy birthday, and many more in good health to 120.

      1. Yes, I do, and I am glad! It’s England vs. Italy on Sunday. I hope we are still friends if I tell you that this time, I am in favor of England’s opponent. It should be an interesting match, though.

  2. That title rose is fantastic! Beautiful flowers throughout!
    Happy Birthday Derrick! What…. no birthday cake for your meal?? :>)

    1. We didn’t tell the restaurant – they would have provided a cake πŸ™‚ As it was we couldn’t eat everything anyway. Thanks a lot, Dwight.

  3. It’s interesting to me that sometimes your garden is far ahead of mine (spring). And sometimes we are in bloom together. My daylilies (some of which look just like yours) and astilbe are in bloom just as yours are.

    I’d like a view of that deadheading tool. That is not a job I am good at.

    Happy, happy birthday, my friend. Wishing you a fabulous new year ahead.

  4. Happy Birthday, Derrick. And many, many more. You’re a gentleman who deserves it. Do you have a picture of the pocket dead header? It sounds like a handy gadget. Enjoy your cake!!!

  5. Very Happy Birthday to you!
    Your garden is doing you proud as always. I have a rose and clematis to plant – your pairing of the two is simply lovely and the answer to my quandary about what to do with them :-).
    Thank you for the inspiration, as always!
    …And all good wishes for a happy year ahead.

    1. You and I nearly always agree about the best pictures Liz. Great minds….

  6. Happy Birthday!

    I don’t think I’m very good at dead heading and would love to see the little gadget.

  7. We need a picture of the pocket dead header. It sounds like a thing that every gardener’s boy should have.

    Happy birthday, you must have brought luck to the England side.

  8. You did receive a lovely birthday present by seeing England defeat Denmark. The defused light makes for wonderful garden images. Yes, I viewed the bee and hoverflies.

  9. Now I am torn. Do I barrack for Italy because I love the country, or for England which has lots of nice people like you?

    Hippy Birdie 2 ewe! <3

  10. Your flowers are looking especially lovely today — no doubt they heard it was your birthday, and wanted to honor you! Best wishes for the year ahead, and have fun with that new toy!

  11. What a pleasant way to spend your birthday in your lovely garden – with a handy gadget that I too would like to see – rounded off with enjoying a dinner out.

  12. There’s nothing quite as satisfying to a gardener as the right shears and clippers, Derrick. Sounds like you got the perfect birthday present. Happy Birthday. And your garden looks amazing, as always. Just beautiful.

  13. A belated happy birthday, Derrick! It sounds like you had a lovely birthday–beautiful flowers, a handy new tool, and a delicious dinner with Jackie.

  14. Belated happy birthday, Derrick. Looks like an excellent present (referring to your Thursday post, with the picture of the pruning shears).

  15. And now it’s England v Italy! I don’t know who to root for! Good luck for you and your team. It’s great to see you have 50 Happy Birthday wishes here. I only now came to wish you a happy belated. I have you marked on my calendar, isn’t that funny. Along with Kin & Noel’s anniversary, which I was ALSO late wishing a happy. The Doris Tysterman is so lovely, as another birthday gift, and the tiny snipper was thoughtful and perfect.

  16. What a useful birthday present, Derrick. I’m sure you’ll put it to good use daily. Gorgeous flower photos. You obviously had a very enjoyable as well as industrious birthday. πŸ™‚

  17. So very sorry I missed your birthday.
    Sending lots of belated good wishes.

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