A Clean Sweep

It seems that we can be reasonably confident that the weather will improve from today, which has remained hot and sunny.

On the strength of that, yesterday evening Jackie righted the garden furniture and swept the patio and the path between the kitchen wall and the Pond Bed.

Today I carried out the same operation on other paving and brick paths. Perhaps I will rake the gravel tomorrow.

Later this afternoon I posted https://derrickjknight.com/2021/08/10/julie-andrews/

This evening we dined on succulent roast chicken and pork chipolatas; sage and onion stuffing; crisp Yorkshire pudding; boiled potatoes; crunchy carrots and cauliflower; tender mange touts and runner beans, with which Jackie drank more of the rosé and I finished the Comté Tolosan rouge.

Published by derrickjknight

I am a septuagenarian enjoying rambling physically and photographing what I see, and rambling in my head as memories are triggered. I also ramble through a lifetime's photographs

74 thoughts on “A Clean Sweep

  1. You and Jackie have clearly had a busy day. I always mean to mention how remarkable it is that she manages to produce such wonderful meals after a day of gardening. Also, that I enjoy reading about your different choices of libation.

  2. A clean sweep, indeed! Great gardening work, Jackie and Derrick! The paths look beautiful!
    I love seeing the interesting artistic shadows the sun has created on the paths! 🙂
    Always enjoy spotting owls! And that B&B man is cool! 🙂
    The colourful lights/bulbs in that first photo must be beautiful when turned on at night! 🙂 Would love to see it! 🙂
    (((HUGS))) 🙂
    Q: What did the mother broom say to the baby broom?
    A: Time for you to go to sweep, dear. 😀

    1. The tomato plants are rather sad. Jackie grew them all from seed and some of them are developing blight, which is apparently caused by warm, wet, windy, weather – which is exactly what we have experienced this summer. It is a virus carried in the wind. Thanks very much, Rosaliene.

  3. looking good – I can imagine being at your outdoor table enjoying the sun. There’s sun here, it’s streaming in through the ranch-sliders but it’s not for sitting out in quite yet, winter chills

  4. Quite tidy and lovely, Derrick and Jackie! I am enjoying all the color and variety in your plantings. We are back in the 90s today and headed for low 100s tomorrow. We are busy spot watering plantings and trees trying to keep them alive.

  5. This post seems to have such an air of comfort and reassurance – that the weather has now returned to more of a seasonal norm. Let’s hope so! Your garden certainly looks bursting with summer colour and joy – and so tidy, too! I agree with Anne’s comment about Jackie’s wonderous ability to juggle the Head Chef’s hat and the Head Gardener’s design board & spade!
    I would love to know the background of your ‘b & b man’!?

      1. What a wonderful way for them to have thanked you and Jackie – or were they just ensuring that you couldn’t refuse a request from them to visit again, any time!!
        Lovely 🙂

  6. I’ve always liked how you have those various paths (named!) through your garden. A wonderful teamwork job of sweeping them clean and photographing them! 😀
    I like “the B&B man,” too.

      1. My apologies for being a little behind with my reading. I also need to settle on the sofa and have an enjoyable catch up read of The Knight’s tales.

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