Seeking Shelter

On a dank, drizzly, morning we visited Lymington High Street early to buy birthday presents. We had to wait half an hour for one shop to open, so I took the opportunity for a spot of people watching.

Cyclists negotiated other traffic;

a number of toddlers rode in buggies;

some were prepared for rain, while others improvised with coats;

one couple contemplated care options;

a blue bird alighted on a mobile phone;

crossing the road required nifty footwork;

two pairs of sandals were well synchronised;

W.H.Smith’s was being decorated;

it looks as if someone was late;

a child was introduced to Costa Coffee.

I was just about to photograph this friendly gentleman’s dogs as he moved off. When I told him so, he stopped, turned the buggy round so I could photograph both children and dogs, and engaged in an enjoyable conversation with Jackie and me.

When the weather brightened somewhat this afternoon we drove to Pilley for the intermittent check on the views across the lake.

Whoever crochets the cover for the post collection box on Pilley Hill has remembered that we are still meant to be in summer.

The lake is even drier than our last visit; blackberries are burgeoning on the far side, in company of yellow ragwort.

As I walked around the even more receding water line I could see the movement of animals beneath the trees. Upon investigation I discovered the group of Shetland ponies who must have trooped all the way down from the Norley Wood end of Bull Hill, where we normally encounter them, clearly seeking shelter and proximity to liquid refreshment.

This evening we dined on the last of the cottage pie supplemented by a pork chop each and fresh vegetables, with which Jackie drank more of the Sauvignon Blanc and I drank Chevalier de Fauvert Compté Tolosan Rouge 2019


  1. You have so many wonderful photos today, Derrick! I like the post box decoration, fun! Your street photography is very good! ❤️??

  2. I love the images of busy Life in Lymington – and your wonderful commentary;
    Was today’s post, or at least this evening’s Sauvignon Blanc and Chevalier de Fauvert Compté Tolosan Rouge, being sponsored by the Lymington Tourist Agency? It was a very good investment, if so!

    1. 🙂 Thanks very much, Emma. Most of our wine comes from Lidl – as e.g. the red (just £4.99). They don’t have special offers, but a quality scoring scheme which is very reliable and low prices anyway. This one was exceptional value.

  3. People watching is such fun! 🙂 You’ve captured some great shots, Derrick…blue bird on phone, children’s expressions, not-so-tasty but very-pretty ice cream cones, sandals in sync, coffee-craver, men at work, a joyful conversation, ETC! 🙂
    As much as I like people-watching, I love people-talking! I love engaging people in conversation. 🙂
    The ponies are so adorable and wearing such artistic fashion-forward coats…the spotted coat is very cool! 😉 😀
    (((HUGS))) and Happy Day to you and Jackie!!! 🙂

      1. It’s one I’ve noticed here since I saw people standing in the full sun at noon, carrying on a conversation while the cattle in a nearby field are congregated under a huge shade tree.

  4. I enjoyed your clever comments with the photos of streets and people. ? I particularly like the header shot. Are some of the ponies pregnant, or is it just the angle of the shots?

  5. Of course I love the shaggy ponies. The friendly gentleman walking two dogs and two children with a smile on his face and having time for a pleasant conversation gets the best man award. I wish him well.

  6. The bluebird ‘on’ the phone is charming. On an entirely different note, I have to tell you about my amusement for the evening. I’ve been watching some news, of course, and came across a photo of your Boris Johnson. For the thousandth time I thought, “What is with that man’s hair?” I did a little search, and discovered there’s a whole genre of literature devoted to his hair! It’s too bad your favorite illustrator isn’t around to sketch his likeness!

  7. You are a great observer, Derrick. I’m glad you enjoyed your waiting time. The bluebird on the phone is clever, but I’m also captivated by that sharp object in her hand. Any ideas?

  8. I loved seeing the Shetlands, and the street life was a bonus. The elderly couple next to the care home poster was one not to be missed a great shot and made me smile.

  9. Derrick, I love the way you captured the essence of the town through photos of its people and buildings. I especially appreciated the bluebird perched on a cellphone—that was perfect timing.

  10. Every day with you and Jackie brings smiles and I think that man with the dogs and baby agreed!! Thank you for getting such nice photos of the ponies!

  11. Beautiful photos, Derrick and Jackie! I love the decorated post collection box, and the especially the ponies. The little Appaloosa-spotted one is particularly adorable. I rarely see that spotted pattern in the little ponies.

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