Head To Tail

A dull morning gave way to sunshine as we left to visit Shelly and Ron with a birthday present. After coffee and convivial conversation Jackie and I set off for a forest drive.

Heather, bracken, brambles, and gorse tangled together festooned the verges and the moorland alongside Burley Road.

Jackie parked on the gravel lay-by opposite the now powdery pony tracks along which I added my footprints to theirs across to Whitemoor Pond,

where ponies and cattle, drawing numbers of walkers sought the benefits of cooling water.

Ponies occasionally drank; cattle stood in silence broken only by the occasional canine yelp.

The stationary, uncomplaining equines, plagued by pesky flies, clustered together in groups, head to tail, flicking at each other’s persistent pests.

This afternoon I posted https://derrickjknight.com/2021/08/26/a-knights-tale-22-but-a-little-boy/

This evening we dined on our second helpings of last night’s Red Chilli takeaway with which Jackie drank more of the Greco di Tufo and I finished the Dao.


  1. It’s nice to see the ponies and cows enjoying the cool water. I wish the ones wearing flies would plunge their heads in, but I’m glad they can help each other out – head to tail.

  2. Love your title! And the part about adding your footprints to the others! 🙂
    I’m so glad the cows, ponies, etc., have water available. 🙂
    Those pesky flies! Those poor ponies! 🙁 They are so patient to just flick the flies away…even helping each other. We Human-Beans should be more like them when the “flies”-of-life bug us. 🙂
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

  3. That pink heather, Derrick. Next time you’re on one of your perambulations could you ask Jackie to stop and could you then take a few close up shots. Before the horses eat them for the sweet honey.

  4. It was a beautiful outing. The prevailing tranquility of the pond and nearby areas (occasionally punctuated by canine yelps) spilled across to me. The ponies do have a lasting menace in flies.

  5. Too bad there isn’t some sort of insect repellent that can be brushed into the ponies’ coats to help them out.

  6. Go to parts of Australia if you personally want to experience flies – it becomes like a type or “royal fly wave” for humans trying to chat with anyone else, who is also into “waving away” and if you stand still enough, you could easily put on a few pounds v a weighing scale…. (been there got the badge)

    1. My son Sam and his wife Holly were married in a Margaret River winery. When I gave a reading I paused, wafted the flies away, and announced this was “an Australian salute” – a phrase I had learned that day. I do appreciate your catch up, Catherine

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