Logistical Problems

Garden maintenance – mostly clearing up and dead heading – began early this morning for us both.

No doubt attracted by the redolent scent of roses released by the warm sunshine, bees buzzed and butterflies flittered around me as I wielded the secateurs.

Bees and Red Admirals both tried the fading Festive Jewel;

both also favoured verbena bonariensis,

as did Comma and Small White butterflies.

Worker bees were mostly partial to Summer Wine.

A little later we drove to Milford Pharmacy for a repeat prescription; to Tesco for E10 unleaded petrol; to Ferndene Farm shop for three bags of compost and various vegetables; and to the forest for a preprandial drive.

Heather beamed bright on the verges of Burley Road, while

a group of ponies were already sheltering under the trees at the corner of Burley Lawn, doing their best to switch off each other’s flies, by the head to tail method.

This presented some logistical problems arising from a certain size difference.

Later this afternoon I posted https://derrickjknight.com/2021/09/03/a-knights-tale-26-town-halls-trams-and-trolley-buses/

This evening we dined on oven fish and chips, onion rings, and peas, with which Jackie finished the Pinot Grigio and I drank more of the Comte Tolosan Rouge.


  1. I notice the little pony in the second last photograph seems to have a twisted back hoof.It is good to see butterflies in your garden.

    1. That was a good spot, Anne. The ponies often sleep with one back leg off the ground. I think that is what it was. Butterflies have taken a long time to come this year. Thanks very much.

  2. Great butterfly photos – nice to see a variety. We have much the same logistical problem when one of us sinks to the bottom of the bed and pulls the duvet down, leaving a lot of me sticking out in the cold. Next time I will marry a taller women.

  3. What wonderful butterflies – they really are such stunning creatures!
    Summer Wine looks such a lovely rose… delicate and attractively old style – I wonder if it has a scent, and is a good repeat flowering variety?
    The New Forest ponies seem such a docile lot – perhaps their somehow more independent life, living alongside but not at the whim of, humans, helps foster this?

    1. Thanks very much, Emma.
      The butterflies have only recently returned.
      Summer Wine is a beautiful climber which has a good scent and flowers throughout the summer.
      The ponies conserve their energy for cropping grass all day, but they can kick and bite so it pays to be careful and remember they are wild.

      1. So glad your butterflies have returned. Your garden must be the equivalent of a honey pot for them with such an abundance of blooms throughout such a long season – so well designed by the Head Gardener! I will remember Summer Wine, and one day, will hope to enjoy it in my own garden; thank you! Those ponies sound a little like our feral cat – chilled, but living life on her own terms!

  4. gorgeous captures from your garden, Derrick and quite variety of butterflies! delightful to see the ponies but i feel sorry for them. those flies!!

  5. The bees and butterflies have been busy in your gardens, Derrick and Jackie. The littlest pony is adorable. Seems she is the right height to receive tail swish services for flies, but too short to reciprocate. It won’t be long before fly season is over.

  6. Poor ponies. Open windows in this house are restricted to early morning before the flies wake up. We daren’t leave a door open either. The flies are such a nuisance at this time of year, far worse than the in height of summer.

  7. Logistical problems made me grin! 🙂 Like most little dogs…I’m sure that little pony has no idea he/she is little! 😉 😀 Probably just feels like one of the gang! 🙂 I always love how little female dogs take charge…even over HUGE dogs! Cracks me up! 😛
    Always a joy to see the butterflies and bees in photos and in person! I could watch them for hours!
    Some years ago, on several occasions, we got to visit Butterfly Farms in Encinitas, CA. It was such a joy to spend time with all of the butterflies that live there! 🙂
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

  8. Horse flies, deer flies, are they the same. In either case, they fall into the same category as mosquitoes…NUISANCE! Loved your butterflies and bees, and, of course, the free roaming horses. Wonderful post, Derrick.

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