Renovation Progress

Richard of Kitchen Makers concentrated on two areas today.

First he cleared the inside of the airing cupboard and built a frame for the new door;

then fitted the frame, showing how out of true the original one was, and

set about building a new set of shelves.

He also removed the hall cupboard in preparation for tackling the vestibule.

This afternoon I posted

Jackie produced a fresh batch of pilau rice, onion bahjis, and paratha to accompany a second serving of her delicious Chicken Jalfrezi this evening, with which she drank Hoegaarden and I drank Azinhaga de Ouro Tinto Reserva 2019


  1. Gosh, it is so exciting to see the progress, stage by stage – great to watch such a skilled craftsman as Richard at work! I’m looking forward to see tomorrow’s instalments!
    And a lovely supper menu, too – it seems that the Autumn has brought the focus inside for now, and your house is full of delight!

    1. Thanks very much, Emma. Yes, we are concentrating on inside – although we still have much growth in the garden – it seems to be going on forever this year.

  2. You are fortunate to have such a good workman available. Hope it continues to go well and the packing’unpacking/repacking goes smoothly and nobody wigs out .

  3. I don’t think any of our walls or cupboard doors are ‘true’. Once the renovations have been done, you will feel as if you have moved to a new home!

  4. I’m having repairs done as well, but this isn’t my house. When the plumber was here some weeks ago he had to access the shower pipes from a very narrow broom cupboard – and he had nothing to replace the 2 fairly large holes. Property manager sent a handyman (when lockdown allowed non-essential repairs) – and tomorrow, might be his last day as he needed to return every 2nd day to “?skim” the new board he put in place.

    Interesting how small spaces evolved for different reasons and why cupboards were added in odd ways…

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