The Artist’s Own Embellishment

Between struggles with blogging posts today was spent on sorting cupboards; shredding and recycling documentation going back fifteen years; and making administrative phone calls. Unfortunately my shredder takes a rest every ten minutes or so.

There were no illustrations to so I was able to post that late this morning.

I spent a considerable amount of time wrestling with transferring five scanned pages from Dombey and Son. In the event I gave up on the last one, to which I will return on another day. I don’t want to omit any of Charles Keeping’s superb illustrations.

‘They were all three put aboard the Son and Heir’

‘Mr Tootle, professionally clothed’

‘The little cavalcade drew near’

In ‘Mr Carker broke into a trot’ the dogs are the artist’s own embellishment.

This evening we dined on second helpings of yesterday’s Red Chilli takeaway meal with the same accompanying beverages.


  1. Thank you to Mr. Keeping, and to you, Derrick, for sharing these illustrations! You know I love when doggies appear! 🙂
    YAY for whoever invented paper shredders! 🙂
    Speaking of them…eons ago before we had one I asked my hubby to get me one for my birthday that year. (I do enjoy a good shred! 😉 😛 ) When our youngest young adult kiddo found out the gift her Dad gave me she said, “Dad that’s a terrible birthday gift for mom!” Ha! 😀 Then we told her I wanted that gift. So she was, “Okay. Well. Still not a great birthday gift.” HA! 😀
    (((HUGS))) <3

  2. Your shredder sounds just like me!

    I’m sorry to hear about your transfer problems. I may have a temporary solution (no not resizing). It’s late so I’ll send details tomorrow.

      1. Which one are you using? I’m also thinking of moving. I was recommended but can’t remember the name of the one our guy recommended

  3. It’s good that the shredder takes a rest. Ten minutes is about all the shredding I can take too. All that noise, followed by Julia complaining that the bits get everywhere when I empty it.

      1. Yes, those bits. I have inherited my Dad’s heavy duty cross-cut shredder but every time I open the drawer to empty it the carpet comes to resemble the aftermath of a wedding.

  4. You are doing a great service to Keeping’s art by scanning and uploading them for those who don’t have access to the treasure. Dogs have a delightful sense of humour. They never let go of a chance to be a part of anything exciting happening nearby and make the proceedings spicier. Keeping’s inclusion of dogs is a fitting tribute to their disposition.

  5. All shredders seem to have such issues! I love the horse sketches. They demonstrate the motion so well! I wonder how much time was spent on each illustration such as these?

  6. I wonder how long each of these finely detailed drawings took to complete – they are all marvellous. The speeding dogs are excellent – one can hear them bark as they run after the horse.

  7. Keeping’s illustrations really are marvellous, particularly the illustration of the little cavalcade which exactly matches my image of the charming ladies.

  8. I laughed at your comment about your shredder taking a rest. If I’m using my heat gun to strip old varnish, and I turn it off after more than ten minutes of use, it refuses to come back on for 20-30 minutes. It’s not a malfunction, but a design flaw (in my opinion) or a safety feature (in the minds of the designers). Apparently those who are determined to protect us from everything in the world finally got around to heat guns, as reports are that every brand functions the same way.

  9. It sounds like you at least were getting things taken care of. I always consider that kind of day a good day. Not fun, but a relief to dispense with things needing to be done. You have a lot of shredding to do I am sure.

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