“Brother Jack Can’t Hold His Head Up Yet”

This morning I scanned the next six of Charle Keeping’s illustrations to ‘Dombey and Son’ – each one an example of the artist’s mastery of of mood in portraiture. ‘Mr Dombey, leading Mrs Dombey by the hand’ ‘A stoical gentleman in a shaggy white greatcoat’ ‘She sat down upon a heap of stones’ ‘ ‘LetContinue reading ““Brother Jack Can’t Hold His Head Up Yet””

Fitting Perfectly

Connor and Josh completed their work on our floor this afternoon. The last stages had them working on different locations alongside each other, and finally together as the work was completed in the vestibule. Connor’s fitting of the tiles round the WC bowl and macerator; and his joins at the corner of the doors fitContinue reading “Fitting Perfectly”

Really Faster Broadband

A Kelly telephone engineer visited at 7.50 a.m. this morning to install the new faster Broadband. Max of Peacock Computers had not been told, and, of course, wasn’t likely to be available at that time. I was forced to dash upstairs in my dressing gown and don some clothes. The plan had been that MaxContinue reading “Really Faster Broadband”

The Artist’s Own Embellishment

Between struggles with blogging posts today was spent on sorting cupboards; shredding and recycling documentation going back fifteen years; and making administrative phone calls. Unfortunately my shredder takes a rest every ten minutes or so. There were no illustrations to https://derrickjknight.com/2021/11/13/a-knights-tale-63-a-course-and-a-change-of-position/ so I was able to post that late this morning. I spent a considerableContinue reading “The Artist’s Own Embellishment”

Keeping, Garden, Peacock, Wardrobe

This is the progress Richard and Ross had made on the bedroom wardrobe before they finished last night. I had been unable to add it to yesterday’s post, but did so this morning. Later I scanned six more of Charles Keeping’s illustrations to ‘Dombey and Son’. ‘Mr Carker the manager’ will be instantly recognisable whenContinue reading “Keeping, Garden, Peacock, Wardrobe”

A Spot Of Pedicure

Jackie drove us to Ferndene Farm shop where she bought eggs, a leg of lamb, and vegetables while I photographed some of the produce displayed outside, including pumpkins, cut flowers, cyclamen and pansies. A pair of roofers worked across the road. On this warm, damp, and largely overcast day the sun briefly signalled its presenceContinue reading “A Spot Of Pedicure”

On Bréhec Beach

Last night I began reading and scanned, in addition to this Title Page and Frontispiece, three more of Charles Keeping’s wonderful illustrations. ‘My very particular friend Miss Tox’ has been depicted by the artist faithful to the author to the very last line. ‘Miss Tox soon returned with the party under convoy’ is again portrayedContinue reading “On Bréhec Beach”