A Little Hot

The morning was spent completing the clearance of paperwork prompted by our refurbishment. The last to go was documentation from my Limited Company going back two decades. Two more general cabinets to be emptied and we will be done.

This afternoon I published https://derrickjknight.com/2021/11/28/a-knights-tale-71-chinese-boxes/ Some of the illustrations to this were colour slides from the 1970s and required scanning with a little cleaning up.

We dined tonight at Lal Quilla, where I enjoyed chicken Jaljala, but Jackie unfortunately found her Lal Quilla Special rather too hot for her liking. We shared a garlic naan, sag bhaji, and pilau rice, and both drank Kingfisher. The experience was as welcoming and friendly as always.


  1. I’m becoming more tolerant of spicy foods, but even I have my limits. I’ll accept ‘hot’ and ‘hotter,’ but ‘this is so hot I think I’m going to die’ still isn’t acceptable to me!

  2. I love the feeling when the clear out is done, not to mention feeling very smug! I agree with Andrew itโ€™s so satisfying.
    Oh, dear, poor Jackie. I wouldnโ€™t even have attempted it the first place – I donโ€™t get on with mild let alone hot!

  3. Some of the best ‘clear outs’ for me have taken place under pressure of guests arriving or when looking for an item which I know we have – somewhere! I am doing things very slowly indeed, thus I salute your efficiency.

  4. It’s always satisfying to clear out old paperwork, IMO. I love spicy food but not so hot that it overwhelms the flavor of the food.

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