‘What Has Gone Wrong?’

This afternoon I posted https://derrickjknight.com/2021/12/29/a-knights-tale-84-charles-and-betty/

Afterwards, having read enough more of ‘A Tale of Two Cities’, I scanned another five of Charles Keeping’s extremely expressive illustrations to this Dickens novel.

‘Father and son, looking silently on at the morning traffic’

‘ ‘How say you? Are they very like each other?’ ‘

‘Both resorted to the drinking-table without stint’

‘ ‘What has gone wrong?’ said Monsieur, calmly looking out’ gives the artist an opportunity to employ his device of sandwiching a slice of text between the bread of two parts of a picture, thus indicating the space between them.

‘The Marquis took a gentle little pinch of snuff’

Mat, Tess, and Poppy having returned to Sussex late this morning, the rest of us grazed this evening. Jackie and I enjoyed tempura prawns and her tasty savoury rice with a slice of Tess’s excellent Christmas cake. I drank Côtes de Gascogne Merlot-Tannat 2019.


  1. I am still enjoying Charles Keeping’s illustrations, Derrick! Enjoy the quiet days here at year’s end. Wishing you and Jackie a peaceful and joyful end of the year and a bright new year ahead. ❤️❤️

  2. First thing I thought on seeing that header picture was: looks like a motley crew. Makes me wonder how Mr. Keeping would illustrate some of the characters in today’s world.

  3. This makes me remember newspapers–usually weekly ones–that would publish stories bit by bit (serially, of course) with illustrations. I always enjoy these. Happy new year, Derrick–may it include further perusal of illustrations!

  4. We experienced ’empty house – very, very quiet’ syndrome yesterday as our young grandchildren left for Cape Town very early in the morning.

  5. Mr. Keeping’s faces and how much they express in emotions are always a joy to see!
    The Marquis “snuffing” made me snort-laugh! 😉 😀
    Happy end of 2021 to you all! May 2022 be filled with love, laughter, good health, peace, and many good memories made! 🙂
    When our kids and grandkids go it is too quiet around here. 😉 The hubby and I get back to our normal routine fairly soon. Little Coop walks around sniffing and looking for days, hoping to find all of those fun people who played with him and spoiled him. 🙂
    (((HUGS))) <3 🙂

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