‘Bleak House’ Comes To The End

Last night I finished reading my Folio Society edition of ‘Bleak House’ By Charles Dickens. First published in instalments from March 1852 to August 1853, this is a superb novel from a writer at the peak of his powers. As is my wont I will not provide details of the story which other readers mayContinue reading “‘Bleak House’ Comes To The End”

A Keeping Range

I felt so much better today that I was beginning to get itchy feet, especially when Jackie and Flo went for a shopping trip this afternoon. Common sense prevailed and I stayed at home and read four more chapters of ‘Bleak House’. Earlier, I had posted https://derrickjknight.com/2022/04/06/a-knights-tale-123-nearing-leicester/ Later, I scanned the next set of CharlesContinue reading “A Keeping Range”

Probate Administration And Four More Chapters

With all three ladies having streaming head colds, no-one was going anywhere today. This afternoon I scanned and e-mailed to the cemetery officials a copy of Mum’s grant of probate. Apparently this is necessary to have our mother’s name added to our father’s gravestone. I then focussed on completing a form for recovery of JeanContinue reading “Probate Administration And Four More Chapters”

Spontaneous Combustion

Today’s Royal Mail post brought the probate grant documentation. I will begin the work of collecting and distributing the assets next week. This afternoon I posted https://derrickjknight.com/2022/03/25/a-knights-tale-118-the-long-walk-begins/ Later I scanned the next four of Charles Keeping’s inimitable illustrations to ‘Bleak House’ ‘Rolling up the slip of paper, Mr Guppy proceeds’ ‘Mr Jellyby groaned, and laidContinue reading “Spontaneous Combustion”


This afternoon I posted https://derrickjknight.com/2022/03/06/a-knights-tale-111-a-photographic-assignment/ Jackie is feeling rather better today, but we thought it wise to stay indoors. I read more of ‘Bleak House’ and scanned another set of the inimitable Charles Keeping’s illustrations to my Folio Society edition. ‘Mr Snagsby at his door’ ‘ ‘Don’t leave the cat there’ ‘ ‘My Lady lounges’Continue reading “Inimitable”

“It’s The Second Of March Today”

Another drizzle day, and Jackie’s cold, kept us inside today. One of the consequences of retirement for me is that I often don’t know what the date is. That is my excuse for what follows, and I am sticking to it. When I descended from our bedroom this morning I found this photograph had beenContinue reading ““It’s The Second Of March Today””

A Touch Of The Sun

This morning I finished reading my Folio Society edition of ‘Great Expectations’ by Charles Dickens. I will adhere to my normal practice of not giving away the story, despite its great reputation. The book is very well crafted, displaying a number of developing relationships in a young man’s transition from humble origins to gentrification. ThereContinue reading “A Touch Of The Sun”

Focus On The Windscreen

Nick Hayter visited this morning to assess the post-refurbishment decorating work he is to undertake. We enjoyed his usual pleasant conversation. The unconsolable skies shed continuous profuse tears throughout the afternoon, which we began with a trip to the Lymington Post Office collection office to claim a parcel undelivered because of a shortage of £2Continue reading “Focus On The Windscreen”

‘What Has Gone Wrong?’

This afternoon I posted https://derrickjknight.com/2021/12/29/a-knights-tale-84-charles-and-betty/ Afterwards, having read enough more of ‘A Tale of Two Cities’, I scanned another five of Charles Keeping’s extremely expressive illustrations to this Dickens novel. ‘Father and son, looking silently on at the morning traffic’ ‘ ‘How say you? Are they very like each other?’ ‘ ‘Both resorted to theContinue reading “‘What Has Gone Wrong?’”

The Sun Must Be Over The Yardarm

Elizabeth paid us a visit just as we were settling down with lunch and an antiques programme. She declined to join us but was happy to make herself a coffee while we turned off the TV and enjoyed a chat and an exchange of presents to be placed under our respective Christmas trees. Afterwards IContinue reading “The Sun Must Be Over The Yardarm”