Crossing The Stream

This afternoon we drove to Pilley where we collected Elizabeth to take her on a photographic trip to the north of the forest and return to our home for dinner.

As I stepped out of the car to photograph ponies in a stream at Ibsley I noticed a gentleman with the same aim in mind. Back in the car I noticed a couple of very heavy horses.

Elizabeth and I both communed with ponies at North Gorley. Once more I got my own back on Jackie as she photographed

my sister and me.

On the way up the hill to the common we disturbed a stag and his harem.

Elizabeth and I photographed a bucolic smoky scene.

I gained a smile from an equestrienne crossing the stream.

Elizabeth will e-mail me her pictures tomorrow.

The aforementioned dinner consisted of Jackie’s savoury rice topped with a thick omelette; prawns of the tempura and the hot and spicy varieties; and vegetable spring rolls. The Culinary Queen drank Hoegaarden while Elizabeth and I drank Hacienda Don Hernan Rioja 2019.

As I publish this post Jackie is driving Elizabeth home.


  1. 2nd, 3rd and 4th photo, I think you were being watched too. Plus a few others I noticed. Deer is often sighted on our east coast. Big ones. Mostly they wander into peoples gardens demolishing roses and vegetable gardens. Where we live, kangaroo numbers keep them away. Deer were introduced into Australia from Europe in the 19th century as game animals. Now they roam, breed and eat everything in sight constantly causing damage both to the natural environment and agricultural businesses. It’s a shame.

  2. You got so many great shots today! There were several in the running for my favorite, but #5/7 “Pony reflcted in stream’ took top honors for the color palette: the white horse against the blue water with a small green accent on the bank.

  3. Wonderful reflections, and I always like the close ups of hair and fur. The horse and equestrienne brought back fond memories.

  4. Derrick, is that horse (beige and brown header photo) wearing a jacket or is that its duo-colored self? Fascinating! And what a beautiful rider on that amazing horse! So glad Elizabeth was able to enjoy such a lovely day with you!

  5. It is as if a world of ponies has burst open before our eyes. Brother and sister make a pretty picture shooting the woodland. The smoky scenes mottled with cattle have yielded many a beautiful painting like exposures.

  6. A lovely photo of you and Elizabeth!
    A joy to see the ponies, the deer, and the cattle!
    Your reflection photos are ALWAYS amazing! Frame-worthy! 🙂
    The pony’s mane photo made me grin. 🙂
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

  7. Elizabeth certainly got a memorably photographic journey–and delicious dinner! So many beautiful photos. I particularly like the horse with the branches and reflection and the smoke and cows. The equestrian has a lovely smile.

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