Along The Coastline

This morning I scanned

the next six pages of Charles Keeping’s version of ‘The Highwayman’ by Alfred Noyes.

By mid-afternoon Jackie finished the first stage of her planting of the new raised bed – by replacing the bulbs and primroses which had to be dug up to make space for it.

Afterwards she drove me to the Ear Clinic at Milford on Sea where a build up of wax was successfully removed. We travelled back

along the coast. The temperature was much colder than of late, the bright sunshine sparkled on the sea; gulls zoomed low; sailboarders skimmed against the backcloth of the Bournemouth skyline; dog walkers silhouetted; and a little boy scooted.

We travelled on to Barton on Sea. A cyclist rested on a bench while I walked down to water level and wished I could have a rest on the way back up. The bench half way down the steep slope was already occupied.

Before going home we diverted to Ferndene Farm Shop for various items.

Elizabeth came to dinner this evening, when we enjoyed second helpings of Jackie’ s casserole from yesterday with fresh vegetables. The Culinary Queen drank Hoegaarden while my sister and I finished the Douro. We spent the rest of the evening sorting out English politics.


  1. Beautiful photos, Derrick! I’ve had earwax removed, it’s a warm and wet mess getting it out. A casserole and veggies sound delicious!

  2. Definitely a steep slope for you to walk back up Derrick … Keeping’s drawings in this book appear to be even more articulate …

  3. Keeping’s illustrations get better and better! I love the way he draws horses.

    A pleasantly sunny but cool day by the sea followed by a good dinner. I am glad Elizabeth is feeling better. Good luck sorting out English politics. Over here, our own are unfathomable.

  4. An all round great day, even if there was a chill in air. I wish there was a bit of a chill here, cicadas out and noisy…blustery but humid breeze.

  5. These illustrations by Keeping’s have more of a romantic mood. Jackie does a great job showing off the raised bed with her lovely smile. That’s a very steep incline to and from the beach. I think I might have stopped to sit on one of the steps.

  6. No more bending with the raised bed. Our 3 vegetable raised beds are ideal except we can’t sit on ours. They’re mad from galvanized sheeting.

    No more excuses. You should be able to hear Jackie when she asks you to do something. ha ha.

    Those views are amazing.

  7. Cheerful sights of people enjoying the sunshine. I am glad to know that Elizabeth felt well enough to join you both for a meal … and there is a satisfying feeling about sorting out politics. Mind you, you would have to plumb to great depths to fathom the situation here!

  8. Many of today’s photos can be modes for a photography classroom. I am saving this link to return again.

    Keeping’s illustrations of the ballad is a notch above the ones I saw in Dickens’s novels. Perhaps he has used an advanced technique or material in these?

  9. Such gorgeous photos! And I bet you can hear better now, eh?! 🙂 Always a good thing.
    Love the Dog walkers in silhouette photo, the Sparkling sea photo…and Jackie’s beautiful smile always makes me smile! 🙂 So glad Elizabeth could be with you for dinner! 🙂
    (((HUGS))) to all 3 of you! 🙂

  10. Keepings’ three-illustration series of the road are simply lovely. I could live with them on my wall. So many of his portrayals of people are technically interesting, but not so appealing to me, even though they often suited Dickens’s characters quite well.

  11. Always an advantage when the hearing is fixed and you’re no longer having to say ‘pardon, what did you say?’ every few minutes.

    A lovely outing on the coast today. I hadn’t realised that you were so close to Bournemouth, though you’d think Christchurch Road should have been a big enough clue!

  12. Lovely photo of Jackies, who looks pleased with her accomplishment. The coastline photos are wonderful with beautiful colors. It doesn’t seem as cold and wintry. I’m glad Elizabeth is feeling better.

  13. Good luck, Jackie, with the new raised bed (though I doubt you need it! ), you’re such a great gardener.
    Glad to see Elizabeth is so much better.

  14. Derrick, the raised beds look great. Love the sea pictures. Looks like a nice day. The ear thing, twice a year for me. I tried flossing them, myself, but couldn’t get the string all the way through…..

      1. At times I wish we did have the British parliamentary system where we could call for a vote of No Confidence so that the person in charge might resign. That would probably have happened with both our last and our current president since we are so tribalized.

  15. I love that photo of Jackie on the raised flower bed. She radiates! You captured her inner beauty with that one, Derrick. Such a beautiful person inside and out!! You are blessed, you know <3

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