Becoming Tidier

Yesterday evening Flo had transferred one more wheelbarrow load of compost into the Rose Garden and another to the new raised bed at the end of the Back Drive.

This morning Jackie spread one heap on the newly planted bed,

and continued weeding the gravel path.

The borders are beginning to bloom nicely.

I began refilling the now empty compost bin.

Before lunch the Head Gardener distributed the last load of compost on the Rose Garden soil she had weeded yesterday.

The Heligan Path, weaving its way between the Cryptomeria and the Weeping Birch Beds; and the Phantom Path, separating the other side of the Cryptomeria and Margery’s Beds are looking tidier.

At the end of the morning I published

Late this afternoon Elizabeth visited with forms from Barclays Bank re closure of Mum’s account which should have come to me. Somebody has got their wires crossed. She will need to telephone the bank’s bereavement team again to sort this out before we can close the account.

Since we don’t have enough of yesterday’s roast meal leftovers for a fourth person we were unable to ask her to join us. That is what we will be having, with the same beverages as we had then.


  1. The flowers look beautiful and bright. It must be quite tiring tending to such a spread out garden. Kudos to the ‘head gardener’!

  2. The gardens and walkways look very beautiful, Jackie, Derrick and Flo. The three of you have worked hard at making, and keeping, a bit of paradise there.

  3. The constant work keeps your garden beautiful–even the back drive border!
    Good luck with straightening out the forms and closing the account.

  4. Weeding is not my fun part of gardening, but it makes a great difference. With a garden the size of yours and the great variety of flowering plants, the result is pure enchantment. Somebody in the Barclays Bank bereavement team is not paying attention to details. Perhaps, a stint at weeding your gravel path would do the trick πŸ™‚

  5. Such a wonderful post – and so reassuring too – I also spent this long weekend weeding beds and the gravel drive; mulching with compost until one heap was empty, then rejoicing in having said heap empty area to fill again. I’m so pleased to hear that we’re in line with the Head Gardener’s instructions… that bodes well for this season’s garden! Your garden and work in it is so inspiring πŸ™‚

  6. Great job, Flo! Great job, Jackie! Your hard work is noticed and appreciated! The garden is smiling, too! πŸ™‚ The raised bed is looking so beautiful! πŸ™‚
    (((HUGS))) πŸ™‚

  7. The garden is looking good, Derrick. I think weeding a gravel path would have its challenges. We have pavers and have to pull the weeds between the bricks – tedious but necessary.

  8. Hi Derrick, I’m just back from five days at my sister’s house. A very busy time as she has decided to put her house on the market, so no lingering over the laptop for me! But I have just sped read your posts from this time. I wish we had had a Flo with us to help with tidying and sorting. And someone with Sam’s rowing muscles would have come in handy too.

  9. The Maintenace Department is in full control. Weeding can be a backbreaking enterprise but infinitely fruitful in the long run. I see the gate has a sign that says β€˜Old Post House’.

  10. I love that your home is referred to as The Old Post Office. I suppose ages ago you blogged about it. What a lovely oasis to spend time in apart from those dreaded weeds in the driveway.

  11. Oh, things are looking so good! I don’t believe I’ve ever seen the driveway gardens looking so lovely! Your constant hard work surely pays off, Jackie, and Derrick (and Flo and friends).

  12. The borders are charming. Everything looks healthy and refreshed. That is a long, long gravel driveway to weed. Clearly Jackie is up to the challenge, though.

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