The House In The Wood

This afternoon Jackie, Flo, Elizabeth, and I visited The House in the Wood garden outside Beaulieu, under the National Gardens Scheme. The photographs can speak for themselves, although each one is titled in the gallery.

Beside Hatchet Lane on our return home we encountered our first foals of the season:

both donkeys,

and ponies, one of whom had some difficulty when attempting to suckle.

After the visit Elizabeth dropped off at her home en route and then joined us for dinner, which consisted of Jackie’s succulent sausages in red wine; creamy mashed potatoes; crunchy carrots; and firm broccoli and cauliflower. My wife and sister drank the last of the Picpoul de Pinet; I finished the Fitou; and Flo drank water.


  1. What magnificently colourful gardens – I do love the NGS!
    The foals are so precious, and your gallery of photos this evening is very lovely: full of life and natural wonders.

  2. What a lovely outing for Mother’s Day.

    mmmm….. or is Mother’s Day a different date in the UK? Well even if it’s not, they can celebrate it twice. 😉

  3. The photos do speak for themselves. What an incredibly beautiful place, especially with all those magnificent rhododendrons! I loved the donkeys and ponies with their foals, too.

  4. Beautiful woodland and adorable babies. I hope the foal will be okay. I love the star shaped yellow flowers. Are those rhododendrons, too?

  5. The House in the Wood is enchanting. It must be hard to return from there, more so if you are an avid shooter and a gardener. The foals are so cute!

  6. Nice to see Spring is about – and yes I will now try to keep up on your posts…still working through how best to schedule things into my day as Autumn is underway and pockets of Winter visit from time to time…

  7. What a beautiful place! And your photos are brilliant!
    It’s interesting how people (an animals) being a photo (not posing, just doing their thing) makes the photo take on a different dynamic! So wonderful!
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

  8. Such stunning photos in this post–I can’t pick a favorite today. The House in the Wood looks like a beautiful place to visit, but the donkeys and horses are also special.

    1. Thank you so much, Merril. I thought I had enough photographs from the garden, but the ladies persuaded me to get out and photograph the foals.

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