Painting, Sailboarding, And Fishing.

Returning after four days of Platinum Jubilee celebrations, and after his painstaking preparation, Nick was able to

almost complete his ground floor painting today.

Afterwards Jackie and I took a short forest drive. Sailboarders were out on the Solent against the backdrop of the Isle of Wight. The colourful expert disappeared out of sight until turning up alongside the island. His companion was receiving instruction from our shore.

A solitary fisherman was perhaps hoping for a catch or two.

This evening we all dined on Jackie’s wholesome sausage casserole, spicy red cabbage, boiled potatoes; and Becky’s crunchy vegetable bake, with which Becky drank Zesty; Jackie and Ian, premium Weisbier; and Doom Bar for me.


  1. Nick looks like he does a very thorough job. Everything looks so fresh and new.

    I have never noticed that hand held blow up kind of sailboard before. So interesting.

  2. What lovely calm colours inside – and fantastically bright sails outside, set so strikingly against the glistening sea. Nick does a fine job of interiors – and you always paint a wonderfully clear and interesting picture of the day, with your beautifully crafted text and images 🙂

  3. “Ground floor painting” ? Well, I’m sure that a professional like Nick has never managed to paint himself into a corner. Unlike myself a few years ago…….

  4. Three lovely things to do on a beautiful day! And you’ve captured them beautifully, too, Derrick! 🙂
    I see hard-working Nick has his Jackson Pollock coveralls on! Do they call them coveralls there?
    Is Nick’s wrist okay? I was wondering about the colorful “wrap” (sock-part?) on his wrist.
    (((HUGS))) and thanks for letting us share the day with you! 🙂 ❤️

      1. I looked keenly at the wrist covering – thanks for the explanation. Which maybe I should take up as well, many of my “once okay to wear on outings” sleeves have gotten paint leftovers on the them, particularly the wrists. But some paint often gets on other parts! I’ve got an “apron” but I forget to put it on…and then someone somehow wipes her fingers on the garment…never sees any of it until it’s time to get into my PJs 🙂

  5. Nick looks like he’s doing his usual careful work.
    I think #2 of the sailboarders is my favorite. I like the composition of colors and shapes, and the reflection on the water.

  6. Great sailing photos! It looks like Nick is hand-painting the house which is great. My home was painted inside two years ago and they used a spray gun which I despised. Never again!

  7. A fresh coat of paint makes a huge difference in any room. I hope it’s all completed soon so you can enjoy enjoy the the newness.

    I can just image you on that sailboard, Derrick. 😉

    What kind of “sausages” do you use in your casserole, Jackie? I know Americans refer to a cabonossi or salami stick as a sausage. We usually have freshly made pork or beef sausages grilled or boil them and add them to a curry sausages dish.

    1. Thanks very much, Chrissy. Jackie is out this morning, so I’ll answer for her. Usually pork – different recipes from different shops combined in one dish.

  8. The renovations at your home are in synch with the national festive mood. It has also yielded impeccable photos for today’s instalment. Sailboarders have been captured in all their colours on the waves.

  9. Nick looks like he’s doing a fine job there. Great photos of the sailboarding. Enjoy your week ahead Derrick.

  10. Your title initially wondering where you had found a well of energy with which to unleash what appears to be your neglected artistic talent, to go sailboarding and then calm down next to your fishing rod – at least you had the ale I imagined went with fishing 🙂

  11. Nick always appears to do a wonderful job, it’s looking lovely. My kitchen is in the decorator’s queue, I’m told it will be the beginning of July.

  12. I did a lot of wind surfing when I was little.
    Now, when I have the option to try again it is always to much or too little wind…
    …or too many excuses. 🙂

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