South End Back In Order

Martin finished the work on and around the Oval Bed –

pictured in progress

and on completion.

The Rose Garden has been rather neglected during the last week or so. Our friend just had time to shave the rampant red carpet rose and bag up the clippings before it was time for him to return home. He has certainly got the rest of the south end of the garden back in order.

While Martin gardened I printed – another 59 of the wedding photographs before I ran out of ink this afternoon. Becky ordered me some more on line while I sourced the albums myself.

In order to keep an eye on the printing process I do not leave the machine which takes quite a time. This has enabled me to make a very good start on reading “The Moonstone” which Becky bought for me for my birthday.

Topped up with a little of Jackie’s rice we dined this evening on the last of the Red Chilli takeaway with which she drank Hoegaarden and I drank Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon 2020


  1. The garden looks amazing. Considering the heat I hear you are ‘enjoying’ I am even more impressed with Martin’s professionalism and work ethic. I hope he got to enjoy a chilled beverage of his preference to remain hydrated. You poor dear having to multitask while monitoring the printing and reading a book…. 😉

    1. Yes. It is over the worst now – and we were just outside the red zone. Fires around London were rather too close for comfort. Thanks very much, Bridget

    1. Yes – the enforced hold-up while waiting for inks is perhaps a good thing, although frustrating. Thanks very much, Sue. I hope you are still well

  2. Great work! YAY, Martin! 🙂
    I was glad to see some owls overseeing the work! 😉 ?? ?
    And what good work you are doing on the wedding photos, Derrick!
    I look forward to your review on “The Moonstone”! Is it by Wilkie Collins?
    (((HUGS))) for everyone at your house! Hope you are all keeping safe and cool!

  3. Martin did a wonderful job–the garden looks beautiful.
    I can’t imagine how much ink you’re using printing out all those photos!

    It must be difficult to do anything in the heat, but reading a book sounds perfect.

    1. Thanks a lot, Tootlepedal. Actually my printer is fortunately very reliable – I didn’t want to miss the inevitable stoppages to change ink cartridges.

  4. Hi Derrick,

    What a gorgeous garden. My parents were hardcore gardeners for the longest time. Every weekend during Sprint-Summer was 6-8 hours gardening on many Saturdays and Sundays. So much fun for us. Brilliant pictures too.


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