She Hadn’t Forgotten The Toy Box

It is just over six months since everyone has been well enough for Danni, Ella, and Jack, and Elizabeth to visit us for lunch. We have seen them at Elizabeth’s over that period so we have stayed in our great-niece’s mind.

Neither has she forgotten the Fortnum & Mason hamper (a present from our late friends, Wolf and Luci) which is the toy box. Brother Jack, in this image, clutches a toy mobile as he does his best to hamper progress on

the puzzle his mother is working with his sister.

Jack was tired when they arrived and had adopted the ear-twiddling technique which caused a scratch which he remembered after Danni had cleaned him up. The bag of knitted toys is Danni’s set of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves knitted by my mother when her granddaughter was little. Louisa was also given a group.

Danni read to each of her children.

Jack, of course, can read himself.

Ella can spell her own name, as she demonstrated

over Jackie’s usual excellent salad and cold meats lunch.

Afterwards Ella fashioned a birthday cake from Play-Doh, while

Elizabeth protected it from Jack, who

went off for a crawl about

until his mother lent a pair of hands.

I held him for a second time after this, when his teething drool went some way to rinsing the tomato he had dribbled on my clean shirt donned for the occasion.

Flo and Dillon were treated to a display of practical parenting.

In case anyone is holding their breath I have not received the promised e-mail from WordPress.

This evening we reprised yesterday’s roast pork dinner with the same beverages.


  1. I love this Derrick! My Cape Town grandchildren know exactly where to find everything in our our house even though they only visit once a year! Your post filled me with a sense of love – thank you!

  2. You and Dany were happy to have at home this charming family, Derrick. . The mother is really attentive and swet with her children;
    In friendship

  3. A lovely gathering. So many of us have been kept apart because of the pandemic or one thing or another. It’s wonderful to see you all enjoying one another’s company !

  4. Nice to see them come. Maybe nice to see them leave? How many adults does it take to amuse two small children? Didn’t hear from WordPress? That is the biggest surprise of all. Not!

  5. Grandchildren don’t forget where the toys are holed up. Mine did the same. knew the boxes, hampers and closets where they would be held, open them, and have fun with them.
    such adorable children Derrick.

  6. The title made me think this was an Ella post and I was not disappointed. So good to see all of your gorgeous grandchildren and and greats. So much love in the photos. xo

  7. OH! Ella and Jack have grown so much! Such cuties! 🙂
    How wonderful to have toys that your Mum knitted! 🙂
    YAY for a beautiful day! 🙂
    Yes, good experience for Dillon and Flo! 🙂
    I’m glad I decided not to hold my breath while you wait on WordPress!!!! 😮
    (((HUGS))) ❤️

  8. I’m not surprised they remember the toy box. The set of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves knitted by your mother – what a treasure! I love Ella’s curls. 🙂

  9. You are blessed with beautiful and wise visitors your camera has vouched for. Ella has grown up noticeably over the last six months or so.

  10. Just such a lovely family Derrick! I love the warmth and happiness in their faces. As far as WP, be prepared, they will ask you for a screen shot. Last time, they thanked me for all the ones I sent them, which was the last I heard from them about the disappearing followers problem. But, at least they were polite in their deflection.

  11. HI Derrick, what a lovely family gathering. I really enjoyed your pictures. I often think that, despite it being hard to juggle my two sons with my working life, especially as they both had chronic illnesses, these years when they were small were the best of my life.

  12. Derrick the gleam and sparkle in your eyes as you hold Jack is one of the most precious photos we have seen in quite a while. It is easy to picture Ella springing her curls! You and yours are so Blessed…

  13. I was very entertained by this post, Derrick and your descriptions of Jack and Ella. All these scenes take me back and I smiled at the way Jack is so eager to participate in what Ella is doing. So true of the younger child. Their mother manages that beautifully!

  14. Love that photo of you with Jack! So glad you & the family could be together again! We are here with family, too. Such a treat!!!

  15. May we NEVER forget the toy box. I mean that with all seriousness. My father laments that I have such fondness for toys and yet, I know he is winsome over a few tin men himself …

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