Graveyard Goats

This morning I enjoyed a very helpful Team Viewer session with James Peacock. These events, when my screen is taken over and I watch the cursor whizzing around it are always rather magical. The upshot is I will continue with their own plug in for WordPress. Scheduling in and carrying out the work for this will take a few days, but James is appreciative of my need for urgency. As always, I have utmost faith in Peacock Computers.

This afternoon Jackie and I took a forest drive.

Alongside the graveyard of St Peter’s, Bramshaw

goats were milling about.

This evening we all dined on Red Chilli’s takeaway fare with which Jackie drank Hoegaarden and I finished the Bordeaux.


  1. I do enjoy seeing goats. When the girls were young we had two nanny goats, the girls named them Geraldine and Jemima. Some years later we had a Billy… aptly called Billy. Lots of stories waiting to be told!

  2. So glad you had a helpful session with James Peacock!
    Your graveyard photos are so touching and beautiful.
    Your goat photos bring smiles! ? Not baa-d! ? In fact, maa-rvelous! ? 😀
    Goodly goats graze grass…great graveyard gardeners! 😉
    (((HUGS))) ❤️ 🙂

  3. Good to see you are getting out and about, visiting interesting places-even graveyards. Such tales those markers could tell.
    I am thinking of getting back on task here after an eventful summer and look forward to reading your posts again, Derrick!

  4. That looks like an interesting cemetery to wander about, lichens on the older stones attempting to erase the identities of the long dead. Are those daffodils and crocus blooming among the gravestones? The sleeping residents pay no mind to the goats grazing and frolicking above.

  5. I love your goats and gravestones. I am fascinated by graveyards…especially old ones. The patina on the stones is so beautiful and I love all the angles. J

  6. It is interesting to see goats in your part of the world. I note a large flock of goats has moved into our town and cannot help wondering ‘what next?’

  7. I love the graveyard shots–and the goats there. A wonderful contrast.
    I wondered, too, about the daffodils and crocuses, but I see you answered that above. ?

    I’m glad Peacock Computers has such great service and can help you.

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