Another Best Day Ever

I began the day by adding last night’s photographs of Great Aunt Louisa, First Cousins once removed, Jessica and Imogen, meeting Ellie to that day’s post:

At mid-morning Louisa, Jessica, and Imogen arrived back at our house.

They were quickly at home with their mobile phones, each playing Wordle.

Elizabeth, Danni, Ella, and Jack joined us for lunch, after which we all took a trip to Burley in separate cars where we split up to go our separate ways in the village, agreeing to meet up back in the car park after an hour.

First we visited the pannage pigs on the slopes above the Queen’s Head pub, where Louisa photographed

me with Jessica, Imogen and a pig;

then also with Danni and Ella.

The Mall is a little alley of shops leading from the Main Street to the car park. We encountered each other there.

Here, if you include Jessica and Imogen in the background, is everyone except Jackie, Flo, Dillon, and Ellie. Ella was certainly surprised to se me.

Jessica and Imogen had, like Ella, found the ice cream stall. As they studied a shop window they cast long shadows in the lowering sunlight, as did

Louisa outlined pushing Jack in his buggy.

Before finally departing, Ella displayed a bought Owl.

We returned to Old Post House for further conversation, games, and Ella to distribute her older toys to Ellie.

Elizabeth had cooked a flavoursome spaghetti Bolognese yesterday with which she fed us all at her house this evening with plentiful fresh salad and various beverages, including red wine for me.


  1. You have a beautiful family, Derrick. I love the photo (even sideways) of you with Jessica and Imogen. I think everyone in your family must be tall. ?
    Ella’s rain boots made me smile.

  2. Can sure understand the post title after seeing the photos! Wonderful gallery to share, Derrick. And Ella’s pointy toothed boots are quite something. Don’t know what, but they are quite something! ??

  3. So many delightful photos in one post! The abundance of smiles is especially nice, but who wouldn’t smile with ice cream and pigs in the neighborhood — along with the presence of loved ones.

  4. Love Ella’s “Best Day Ever” top! 🙂 What lovely photos of a lovely day with family! 🙂
    How sweet of Ella to share her toys with Ellie! 🙂 The same happened in my family…many toys have been passed down through the generations. I recently passed on a toy that was my maternal grandmothers…I gave it to one of my grandchildren. 🙂
    OH! A new owl companion for Ella! What a great choice! 🙂
    The once little-babies are growing up so quickly!
    (((HUGS))) ❤️

  5. Yes, a day shared with family is definitely a “Best Day.” Looks like a good time was had by all. And spaghetti bolognaise… a good idea for tonight’s dinner!

  6. What a vast relief!!! I think I’ve been able to follow. I had missed this post, and it was so good to see all the pictures. Everyone has grown a great deal!

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