Three Generations Of Motherhood

Early this morning I watched a recording of the Women’s World Cup rugby match between England and South Africa.

Later, I took a stroll round the garden with my new phone to test me and its camera. I didn’t do well, but

here is the best of a bad lot.

The plan this afternoon was for Louisa, Jessica, and Imogen to arrive to meet their new cousin and her father and to catch up with Flo, to arrive at about 3 p.m. In the event they were held up by heavy traffic and an accent on the road ahead, meaning that their journey from Nottingham took 6 hours. Danni and Elizabeth joined us all in the evening when we dined on Red Chilli’s excellent takeaway fare, while joyfully reminiscing and swapping stories about all their babyhoods.

Danni and Louisa often spent time together when our two families stayed with each other. This is a crop of a picture of them both sitting on my lap about 35 years ago. The full image has not been recovered from the WordPress collection.

Louisa and her daughters slept at Elizabeth’s house for the two days they would be spending with us.

25 years ago Louisa had travelled with me by train from Newark to London to visit the newborn Flo.

Ellie was very communicative with everyone – all of whom enjoyed passing the parcel.

Louisa walked around the room when it was her turn.

Three generations of mothers had much in common on the subject of babies’ birthweights, feeding and sleeping habits and such.


  1. It’s wonderful that the ladies all share stories! Your new phone takes nice photos, Derrick, but not like a Nikon or Canon. Phones still have a way to go to catch up.

  2. Even if you weren’t happy with your photos, there was some lovely light in your garden, and I’m a bit envious of the fuchsias.

  3. Lovely pictures. Was the problem the phone or the operator? I remember mothers talking about potty training. I prefer mother’s conversations once the kids are school age or older.

  4. I got a big kick out of this comment: “Ellie was very communicative with everyone – all of whom enjoyed passing the parcel.” “Passing the parcel” is perfect!

  5. The garden photos still convey the warmth and beauty of all the work you and Jackie have done.

    That is a beautiful photo of you with the girls, Derrick. Time passes so quickly. Little Ellie sounds like she is busy investigating her world.

  6. I think the photos are great! I see an owl! 🙂
    I think “passing the parcel” (HA!) is always great fun…as is baby stuff talk! I will never tire of it! 🙂
    ❤️?❤️ ?❤️

  7. I haven’t enjoyed ‘pass the parcel stuff’ since my trip to Philadelphia 3 years ago Derrick … and it’s a wet and windy day here in Ballarat …

  8. The garden does look enchanting! I love the first group of flowers. When mothers get together, a wealth of wisdom is available.

  9. The photos looked OK to me, though I’m not a great one for new technology. I still haven’t linked my phone to the internet despite this seeming to be an essential for most people. That is a startlingly different look you have in the old photo, I don’t think I’ve seen the white glasses before.

  10. All’s well that ends well. What a lengthy extension to their trip! It must feel good to have so many family members gathered under one roof … something I miss.

  11. You have juxtaposed old vs new and unsurprisingly the old remains at the top. Mobile cameras give me a spooky feeling with all that artificial intelligence that’s hard to hide. Photos are oversaturated with unpredictable distortion in the perspective at times. Having said that, yesterday I fished out my DSLR and realised I have to relearn lighting and exposure.

  12. I’m so glad that Louisa and the girls finally arrived safe and sound, what a terrible journey for them.

    I have to disagree with the first John and hopefully I don’t offend. Today’s phone cameras take excellent images and are so very convenient. They might lack the zoom that the extended lens offers our conventional cameras, but they are perfect for on the spot.

    As with everything, practise makes perfect. Don’t give up.

    1. So true, Sue. I know I have to learn, because I have seen others’ excellent results. However, I did take a good batch last evening with my Canon, and when the subjects have vetted them, I hope to add them today. Thanks very much.

      1. I look forward to seeing the new family images. Derrick, you are a seasoned and brilliant photographer. When it comes to using the lens, I’m the one who is the novice. I’m getting there, though I have to admit I have more rejects than good ones!

  13. I haven’t followed you very long and was delighted to see that you, like me, live in a diverse family. I loved the pictures. Smiling here across the ocean.

  14. I thought that capture of the fuchsias was stunning, Derick. So sorry that Louisa and her daughters’ trip was so difficult. Thank you for sharing these precious photos. Ellie has a huge family to love her and I think she likes it. Louisa’s girls are gorgeous and look quite smitten with Ellie. And Louisa looks just like how I feel when I am holding a babe.

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