Elegant Cygnets

Early this morning we visited Elizabeth’s home to bid farewell to Louisa, Jessica, and Imogen as they set off back to their home in Mapperley. This was a brief stop, after which we took a forest drive.

Initially overcast and threatening rain, the skies brightened and the sun emerged to cast long shadows during the last hour before lunch.

As Louisa sped away with her two elegant cygnets, the pair of swans and their still dependent grown family fished and reflected in the rippling shallows of their adopted tidal river at Beaulieu.

Some preened;

some dived;

all dripped droplets as they surfaced and craned their sinuous necks.

On the verges of the of the road beside the water ponies grazed

and inconvenienced passing traffic.

Becky joined us this evening for dinner, which consisted of Mr Pink’s fish and chips with pickled onions and gherkins. Jackie drank Hoegaarden and I drank Piddle.

Our daughter is staying overnight and will drive Dillon to Heathrow tomorrow because he has business to attend to in America.


  1. I liked seeing these swans and the concentric waves of water they cause
    And I’m always amazed to see ponies running loose by the road
    You live in a magical place, Derryck
    In friendship

  2. Wonderful shots of the swan family, and nice reference to Louisa and “her brood” as well. Cute seagull that photobombed the swan only images, and of course the water ponies I think thoroughly enjoy snickering when they block the road. Sher and I send our best to you and Jackie! Give that precious little granddaughter a hug from us.

  3. The swans look so elegant. Guess the little family is to be temporarily separated. Hope that Dillon will return soon. I love the name water ponies. You do live in an enchanted place.

  4. Your swan family photos are so beautiful and lovely….they are swan in a million!!! They ARE such elegant birds! And they seem very busy. 🙂 The ponies seem busy, too! Being a landscaper can be hard work. 🙂
    Bestest and safest travel wishes for Dillon! Hope he doesn’t have to be away from Flo and Ellie for long. (((HUGS))) ❤️
    PS…My friend is half horse…and always the centaur of attention. 😀
    Okay, I’ll rein in the equine jokes before I stirrup trouble! I’ll giddy-up on out of here at a fast gallop. 😀

  5. Apparently I’m the only one so far who’s unclear on the meaning of ‘Piddle.’ Capitalization suggests a product of some sort, and not the kind I’m remembering!

    1. It is the name of a Dorset Pale Ale, named for the river. I thought it was much more fun to wait for questions, rather than explain in the post.Thanks very much, Linda

  6. Elegant, is the perfect word to describe these cygnets and their parents. Nice continuation of the grey and white colors with the featured pony. I hope Dillon has a safe and productive trip.

  7. Thank you for the swan and cygnet photos. It must be relaxing to watch those elegant creatures.

  8. Such beautiful swan photos–a lovely series.
    And yes, the cygnets in your own family are indeed elegant.
    Safe travels for Dillon.

    I’m wondering what that was you drank.

  9. To see the Swan with black beak and black legs in company of usual looking swans is a little bit strange. Here in Canada by the winter time we have Trumpeter Swans which look like that on your picture. They come to us from up north to survive during the winter time. Usually they are staying by their colony and do not allow strangers to get in.

  10. I enjoyed seeing the swans and their young. I read somewhere that it’s not unusual for a brood to stay with parents after the following year’s eggs are hatched.

  11. I think the feathers of the juvenile swans is beautiful, that mix of brown and white. I think the adults are beautiful too, though, so perhaps I am easy to please. My favourite photo is that of the water ponies. 😉

      1. “They ain’t just ducks, Chaz. I suggest beheadings for anyone who messes with them. We can say they all belong to you and who can question that.”

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