Black Swans

Our friend, Paul Soren posted a picture yesterday that I said I thought would make a good screensaver.

This morning Jackie took me on a forest drive.

We began with the woodland alongside Bisterne Close where

the soft forest floor alongside contained

dry acorn cups,

fallen branches and crisp autumn leaves,

clustered beneath long decaying trunks and branches gradually returning to the soil.

The sculptural quality of an abandoned artefact was somewhat incongruous outside one of the houses.

One of the many pools that have spent much of the summer in a parched condition now reflects neighbouring gates.

Ponies perused our passing along Holmsley Passage.

Our friend mentioned above sent me an e-mail asking me to feel free to use his picture as my screensaver and sending me a jpg image of a black swan and cygnets somewhere outside Melbourne seen through his rain-splashed windscreen.

I now see a picture from the other side of the world every time I switch on my computer.

For dinner this evening we repeated yesterday’s fare and beverages.


  1. Derrick, you and Jackie know that I am a huge fan of any forest drive. I loved today’s offering and your lyrical commentary. Black Swan photo is also a winner.

  2. Paul did give you a great picture. I always find it unusual to see a black swan, but they’re commonplace to Australia and New Zealand, I understand.

  3. So many diverse and wonderful textures! Your photos and Paul’s swans have something in common: they are poetry to delight the mind and sooth the soul. Especially us earthy souls. Your descriptions always enhance.

  4. How wonderful to share! Paul’s photo is great! The black swans are gorgeous! 🙂
    Your photos today are great, too, Derrick! They always bring smiles, calmness, wonderings, ETC! By so brilliantly photographing nature’s art…you bring joy to us! 🙂
    (((HUGS))) ❤️
    PS…my current screensaver is a photo of Cooper…on my computer AND on my phone! HA! Big surprise! 😉 😀

  5. The image of the gate reflections in the pond threw me at first, but finally it all came into discernment. The artifact is a puzzler, too! Thanks for the wonderful gallery, Derrick, and congrats on your wonderful new screensaver!

  6. Just as you “…see a picture from the other side of the world every time I switch on my computer”… I see my picture from you part of the world every time I go into my living room! I love that sharing and caring and daily reminder of you dear people!!

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