Her Annual Task

This morning I received an e-mail from Owen at Peacock Computers stating that my WordPress blog has now been transferred, save for a few adjustments still to be made.

I spent much of the day trying to get my head around what to do next. My apologies to readers who may still be having difficulties.

Until going off to her mothers for a couple of days, Flo began a task she has been carrying out for her grannie, apart from her years in America, ever since since she was one year old.

Now she has been decorating the Christmas tree, one handed, while bearing her own daughter in the other arm.

Here are some of the baubles.

Ian brought Flo, Dillon, and Ellie home later this afternoon and returned home to Southbourne.

Ronan had not been able to collect the capacitor for the boiler today, so had to defer his visit until tomorrow evening.

We all dined on Jackie’s lemon chicken on a bed of her savoury rice with bacon this evening, each couple in their own warmed sitting room. I drank Azinhaga de Ouro Reserva 2019.


    1. Thanks very much, Sherry. I had put them on the old site by mistake. James moved them for me

    1. James moved them for me – I had put them on the old site by mistake. Thanks very much, Laurie

  1. That capacitor has caused you guys a good bit of aggravation hasn’t it. Your site has been running smoothly ever since you moved the site, Derrick.

    1. Yes, Kim. I posted three on the old site by mistake. James Peacock moved them onto the new one for me. Thanks very much

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