Christmas Socks

Christmas Day begins, when everyone has surfaced, with opening of Santa’s presents.

Ever since Flo herself was a baby, Jackie made her a Christmas fairy dress each year of her childhood.

Today was Ellie’s first. Flo carried her around, then placed her in my former counselling chair

in my former counselling chair.

Her parents then helped her

open her stocking presents.

One gift from my Santa haul was New Forest 222, “The guidebook that covers every square mile of the New Forest”. I, and Mrs Claus were both surprised when I opened the book at random and found an acknowledgement of information from This had been provided by Alan in his comment concerning the cattle trough.

After watching The King’s Speech we opened our main presents.

Jackie was delighted by her representation of Nugget and trowel on a back support cushion given by Flo and Dillon;

our grandson-in-law enjoyed the flat caps we gave him.

When all the giving seemed to be over, I was led to my desk where I was given a blanket draping a mid-Victorian swivel captain’s chair from Dillon, Flo, and Jackie combined. Becky made the photograph of me in situ.

Later Becky, Flo, and Dillon all sported their Christmas socks while watching cartoons.

Somehow, Jackie produced a splendid roast Turkey dinner with all the trimmings, timed to perfection. Afterwards we enjoyed excellent Christmas pudding with Ambrosia custard. I don’t have the time or inclination after my share of the Prosecco, to itemise every item, so readers will need to study

this image featuring Flo, Ellie, Dillon, and Becky if they would appreciate any more detail.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous!
    Jackie you are a star grandmother in every way.

    Ellie looks beautiful in her dress.

    I hope you all had a wonderful day.
    Love, Sue xx

      1. Thank you, Derrick. The festivities were thoroughly enjoyed.

        Some of the family were with in-laws this year, so Joshua and I cooked lunch for the remaining nine. We overestimated and cooked enough for a small army.
        We have enough leftovers to last us until the new year!

    1. Wow Sue, thank you for saying that, I am very lucky to have my family so close. we did enjoy the day.

      1. I agree about having family close by. When I read of families who never see each other, I feel very appreciative that mine are so close.

  2. Lovely family photos, Guys! Christmas socks are fun. ❤️ Ellie is such a beautiful baby, may God bless her and the family. I like your office, Derrick, very nice!

  3. It looks like a wonderful day–full of joy, beauty, and fun. I showed my family Ellie in her Christmas finery, and there were many awwws! I love the photo of you at your desk in your new chair. Merry Christmas to all of you!

  4. What a nice reminder of family Christmases of old. I’ve never had Christmas socks in my whole life. These are so attractive I may buy myself a pair for next year!

  5. Such lovely photos, Derrick, and I love your cozy office. Also, I love the background color of your blog. It’s easy on the eyes and it compliments your photos.

  6. Just lovely, Derrick! Ellie looks divine in each of her Christmas outfits and such thoughtful presents you each had. It sounds like a lovely day was had by all.

  7. Thank you for sharing your Christmas day with us, Derrick. I love how you started it off with that precious photo of Flo and her gorgeous dress. What a lovely tradition! And Ellie and her dress were just as sweet. Jackie is a wonder. (And she follows it up with a full dinner!)

  8. And a good time was had by all! I love that beautiful long white dress on that adorable baby. So sweet! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your lovely family, Derrick.

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