Rippling, Reflecting, Pools

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The ground may still be wet, but at least the rain had ceased today.

Martin was able to make progress on widening the step in front of the French windows, and

planning the layout of the paving, some of which he will cut to shape and size.

Jackie and I took a short drive into the forest where there was little sign of wild life.

Field horses were mostly sporting muddy rugs as

they sloshed around like these two at their gate.

Trees rooted in scooped out basins beside Beaulieu Road stand in rippling, reflecting, pools as is customary for them in rainy seasons.

This evening we dined on a choice of tasty penne Bolognese or beef casserole, with firm broccoli and tender green beans. Jackie and I chose the Bolognese, Becky enjoyed a bit of both, Flo and Dillon will take theirs later. The Culinary Queen and our daughter drank Buck’s Fizz while I drank Calvet Prestige Côtes du Rhône Villages 2021, given to me for Christmas by Martin.


  1. Our January rains are here and the though it hasn’t been an overly hot summer, the rain has been much appreciated.

    The little jobs and improvements around the house can make a huge improvement. Not just to the look but safety too.

    After having a tooth pulled I’ll be drinking my food this evening through a straw this evening. I like Jackie’s choices better than my warm soup and warm soup. 🙂

    1. Thanks very much, Chrissy. I’m sorry about your tooth. Safety was a factor in having the patio levelled.

  2. Martin is doing a fine job, and it will be nice to see the finished work.

    The old dark-limbed tree and reflecting pool is beautiful. We are getting some wild, windy weather up here this afternoon.

  3. A forest drive, work done by the estimable Martin, delicious dinner, and a Cotes du Rhone (never had a bad one), sounds like a wonderful day.

  4. YAY for Martin and all his good hard work!
    Glad the horses have their raincoats on. 😀
    The photos of trees reflecting in the pools are spectacular!
    (((HUGS))) ❤️❤️

  5. Some beautiful puictures there, especially the “rippling, reflecting, pools”. Strangely, they reminded me of the opening of the film “Great Expectations” from the years after WW2.

  6. I recognize that kneeling pad that Martin’s using. I notice that he has an ‘analog level,’ too. No need to mess with a level app when the real thing’s so handy.

  7. I was able to access your new blog for a few days and then it disappeared. I entered my email in your gravatar page and was informed I was already subscribed. I obtained your link from Ivor. Hopefully, I am following your new blog now.

  8. Reflections in water often turn up something interesting. And one of yours did!
    The second tree image following on from the horses looks as though the tree is standing in the water on bent knees! If this was a video clip I’d expect it to walk off in comedy fashion!

  9. Martin is a treasure–wonderful, careful work and a gift of wine! ?

    The tree with its reflection is beautiful. I agree with the comment above about the tales it could tell.

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