Artificial Intelligence Has A Long Way To Go

This morning I converted the following Classic Edits to Blocks:

The second, I recategorised as Books.

The third now contains in parentheses, “(This picture seemed to have been lost altogether, but I found it on Google’s page for the project – as I did the two Tesco club cards. So many sites bear my photographs that I might try this again – 3rd April 2023).” This was an amusing discovery. I tend to forget that my photographs turn up all over the internet. The Tesco club cards bear no relevance to the Sunrise Bushcraft education project which I was featuring, but they appeared on the same post. Artificial Intelligence has a long way to go.

This afternoon Elizabeth and Charles, her garden designer, came to collect some of our old patio paving stones for use in Burnt House Lane.

Later I read another of Balzac’s Droll Tales and published

This evening we dined on Jackie’s smooth and tasty cottage pie; crunchy carrots, and firm Brussels sprouts, with which she drank Hoegaarden and I finished the Fleurie.


  1. Many people (and I’m not referring to you or Jackie) artificially believe they are intelligent. Some of those people are politicians.

    1. Thanks very much, Liz. I certainly wouldn’t want to or know how to develop it.

  2. AI is a mixed bag at best. The things I’ve been reading lately (both fiction and nonfiction) are a little scary. Maybe that’s why your photos are so popular, because they’re about nature, family, flowers,….. things that really matter.

  3. Wouldn’t it be good if we can tell the computer to “convert the following Classic Edits to Blocks” and instantly it obeys?
    mmm… now there’s a thought.

  4. AI does, indeed!
    That’s wild to me how someone’s personal photos can end up all over the internet. But, yours would be great ones for people to see…your photos are so beautiful and heart-warming. 🙂
    Years ago, I heard about a family’s family-photo appearing on a billboard…advertising for some company. Their friends started calling them to inform them. Yikes! Of course, they had not given permission for that, or been paid for it’s use…some guy had just “lifted” their photo and used it. 🙁 That is so wrong, to me…and freaks me out. Oh, well. Is this the world we live in? And what does the future hold?

  5. Like Liz, I, too, am glad AI was not the focus of this post!
    Are any of your photos used without your permission?

    1. They are all used without permission. As far as I am concerned once I put them out there I have given them away. How could we police it? Thanks very much, Dale

  6. Ever since WP has introduced blocks, I have hated it. It kind of dismembers the posts in several pieces although it may have its utilities. I still feel WP should bring back the functionality of retaining the posts as one piece for simplistic writings. As for artificial intelligence, it’s going to reboot the world someday.

    1. Thank you so much, Uma. I agree with you. I only began using blocks because they told us Classic would not be available soon

    2. Uma, I hope you don’t mind me answering your comment.

      The first, the original Classic editor still exists on the WP Admin dashboard and continues to be used by many bloggers. It remains as flexible as ever, unlike the Classic block.

      I tend to use both the blocks and the Admin classic, as the mood takes.
      The block editor has some good features, the images are superior, as is the tiled gallery, but for speed and simplicity the old classic can’t be beaten.

      1. I am grateful for your response. I fully agree with your description of both modes. I wasn’t aware of the availability of the classic mode — I will gladly use it for now.

        1. A couple of years ago WP made some changes to the dashboard. Let me know if you have difficulty finding the the Classic.

    1. I think it has – I’ve vaguely seen it debated – why not? – after all the soul is being forced out of life anyway. Thanks very much, Sue

  7. I put my my name on the photographs I use on my blog. I also use a lower resolution than I would if I printed them. Don’t if this discourages anyone from using my photos, but at least my name is there.

  8. I don’t care for AI. It’s too easily manipulated by the “bad guys”, and I feel it will make writers and even students lazy.

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