Preparing For Easter

I was lucky to have seen a fleeting sunrise over Christchurch Road this morning, for within seconds it had disappeared and apart from a brief glimpse later at Mudeford we were not to see its effects again.

Just a little later we drove to Milford on Sea where I collected dry cleaning from Whites, and on to Stewart’s Garden Centre outside Christchurch where Jackie bought Easter treats suitable for Jack’s dietary requirements for the forthcoming egg hunt.

Knitted and crocheted letter boxes were in evidence at Stanpit, where two women and children stopped to admire them as I boarded the car;

and at Mudeford, where I enjoyed an enthusiastic conversation with Alison and her friend whose name I didn’t catch. I last photographed this box on 9th September 2021, when I detailed its history, and when its metal collection dates notice had been in situ. We speculated as to why this should have been removed just a few days ago.

Crabbing was underway on the Mudeford quayside, and buoys bobbed on the sparkling choppy Solent.

Later this morning Ben Renouf visited to look at various electric lighting improvements that we need. He will prepare a quotation.

The children attending the Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday are too young to read clues, so they will be presented in photographs. At lunchtime I e-mailed Jackie’s pictures to Elizabeth who will print them because I am having problems with mine. They will not be posted today because parents might cheat.

This afternoon I converted from Classic Edit to Blocks:

The third of these is now categorised as Garden

This evening we all dined on cheese centred fish cakes, Jackie’s savoury rice, and her piquant cauliflower cheese, with which she drank Hoegaarden and I drank more of the Nero di Troija.


  1. I love your mailboxes as we call then, so different an they look great. I would love to visit Milford-On-Sea. ❤️????????

  2. I always love the crocheted figures on top of the letter boxes! And how fun that the crabbing buoys also reflect the Easter colors!

  3. “parents might cheat” ? I find that difficult to believe.
    Surely they all realise that it doesn’t matter who wins so long as everybody has a good time ?

    1. Of course they all get the eggs, John. That was my little joke. Thanks a lot

  4. I laughed at your reference to cheating parents. In some circles, that kind of behavior would be called ‘encouragement’ or ‘helping.’ On the other hand, a few extra clues during an Easter Egg hunt never hurt!

  5. The details in the letter box covers are fantastic! Those sunrises and sunsets do change in the blink of an eye. I’m glad you caught this one!

  6. Hope
    You all have a great Easter
    Enjoyed this post
    And congrats on using the new blocks!
    Hope they work out well for your posting

  7. If that post box was here there would be no question that the metal plate would have been removed by someone who was planning to sell it as scrap metal. This is a scourge in this country with everything from house numbers to metal letters from graves and even war memorial plaques stolen for that reason.

  8. Those postbox hats are so cute! And what a glorious sunrise.
    We live right at the river and get some beautiful sunsets here.

  9. Gorgeous sunrise photos! Beautiful waves! Sweet letter box decorations! Love the idea of the photo clues for the Easter Egg Hunt! 🙂 ❤️ Prepping for Easter has always been a fave thing for me! 🙂
    “For I remember it is Easter morn, and life and love and peace are all new born.” – Alice Freeman Palmer

  10. I haven’t been crabbin’ or clammin’ in a very long time.
    Good to see the crocheted toppers again!

  11. Those pink fire sunrises are so beautiful and so fleeting! I am glad you caught this one.

    The post box knitted tops are delightful, and bring a smile. I am very grateful for the people who put their time and creative energy into making them, and to you, for sharing them with readers. Their creations help brighten my morning all the way over here! 🙂

  12. Delightful colors, despite the grey day. I can feel the excitement of the children already. I’m sure the Easter egg hunt will be lots of fun (for all ages).

  13. Most of our post boxes are inserted into walls, with a locked door for the collecting bod. But also random boxes in say convenient places have gone – arsonists love to burn things! And then there are those who also feel it’s their right to steal mail…and nice people out for a walk will find a huge pile of opened mail on grass verges!

    Happy Easter everyone, in whatever way you celebrate this festival.

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