Equine Stand Off

This morning I upgraded the following two posts from Classic to Block edit, changing the category of the first to Garden:

On a breezy, largely overcast, afternoon with glimpses of peeking sun, I wandered around the garden with a camera, pulling up the occasional weed. Each image, including daffodils, tulips, wallflowers, primroses, cowslips, and fritillaries, bears a title in the gallery.

Late this afternoon we were able to collect the repaired Modus and celebrate with a short forest drive in light rain.

At the top of Holmsley Passage a bunch of ponies appeared to be settling down for the night.

One persistent mare had made it rather difficult for me to disembark as she persisted in trying to replace me in the passenger seat. She then stalked me closely, until I managed to escape,

when she turned her attention to scratching on the wing mirror,

and expressing her feelings about being photographed at this activity.

Still stubborn, she planted herself in front of our car until Jackie managed to get round her and drive off up the road, returning for me when the coast was clear.

This evening we all dined on a KFC Bargain Bucket, sweetcorn, coleslaw, and baked beans, with which Jackie drank Hoegaarden and I finished the Fleurie.


  1. Your garden looks beautiful, Derrick (and Jackie). I love the header photo, and the series of photos of the mare with your comments. Do you think people have been feeding her and she expected some treats from you?

    1. I’m sure you are right, Merril. As you would expect, we are advised against feeding them

  2. You got your car back, yay! The horse makes a great smile for you guys. I honestly have no idea what you do with the block editor, Derrick, I’ve gladly never used it because of the plugin. The flower photos are very beautiful as always! ❀️

  3. I enjoyed the virtual walk through your garden! The pot of tulips seems to shine with their own inner light.

    I am pleased to see you got the car back, and I love the series of photos of that pesky mare. They are priceless! I am glad Jackie was able to eventually rescue you from her. πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you very much, Lavinia. The most awkward aspect was that I had to get across a ditch beside her whilst getting the door open.

    1. I gather our takeaways from American firms are better than yours, Jill. Thanks very much

  4. That was a feisty mare! Glad you got away. I like the gray pony and the stumpery with cowslips. The flowers are beautiful. Today I rescued a pot of tulips from the pharmacy where they had bunch of potted plants on sale and likely to be thrown away soon. The stems are very long and falling over. Don’t know if it will make it.

  5. It’s a delight to come upon your floral posts. The mare appears to be an old acquaintance of yours, though not of the jovial kind, from her previous life.

  6. Apart from your obvious joy and relief at getting your wheels back – reflected in the lovely photographs of your garden – this post has opened a rabbit hole for me as I have Tommy Steele singing in the background as I write. These songs take me right back … what a joy it is to be reminded of him!

    1. Nor me, John They were here when we arrived and continue to spread. Thanks very much

  7. YAY for the car being up and rarin’ to go again!
    The flowers are gorgeous!
    Oh, my! Ms. Mare Equine had much to say and with quite the attitude! I might have said, “Whoa, Girl! Rein it in! Don’t stirrup trouble!” HA!
    (((HUGS))) ❀️

  8. I’m glad you’ve got the car back because now we can enjoy seeing those ponies again. I loved the one that wanted to go home with you!

    Harking back to a previous, I remember reading the comments from some of your American readers, it sounded as though a manual gear change was regarded as old fashioned.
    I drive an automatic and have done for many years, but I’m just as capable of driving a manual gear change (Joshua’s).
    Graham, my late husband ,could also switch from one to another, just as well because he owned three vehicles with just one an automatic. He always said a ‘proper driver’ drives a manual!

    I know just what he meant, I love using the gears to slow down instead of forever needing the break pedal as I do with the automatic, but the automatic is a boon for speeding off quickly at traffic lights.

    1. That is interesting, Sue. I really don’t remember my reactions to the automatic, but it is fascinating that so many followers wouldn’t know how to use a clutch. Thanks very much

  9. The garden is truly beautiful!!
    You had me laughing at your dilemma with the mare! You have some of the most unique problems! ????

    1. Thank you so much, GP. I knew that one would appeal – until we made that trip the header and title were garden related πŸ™‚

  10. Absolutely Fabulous garden photos. (Do you have a rose named that?) And I love seeing the ponies looking well fed this early in the season. That mare and her lip work had me laughing.

    1. Thank you very much, Jody. Yes we do have that aptly named rose. I’m always pleased to give you a laugh

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