When I Was More Able Bodied

A heavy cold, now at its peak, has kept me indoors for the second time today, giving me the opportunity to focus on converting from Classic to Block Edits, and recategorising to Garden the following posts from May 2014, when I appear to have been more able bodied:

After watching this afternoon’s Women’s Six Nations rugby match between France and Wales I published https://derrickjknight.com/2023/04/23/droll-tales-26/

This evening we all dined on Ashley fish and chips, Garner’s pickled onions, and Freshona sliced gherkins with which Jackie drank Hoegaarden and I finished the Côtes du Rhône.


  1. Hope if it’s cold outside it warms up soon!
    Hope if you have a cold, it heals and takes flight away from you soon!
    Either way, your indoor time of work and rugby was time well spent!
    (((HUGS))) ❤️

  2. mmm… the cold weather is catching. Rain on and off here is great for the garden but it’s delayed our driveway repairs now for 3 weeks. New date is April 27th. Hoping for lots of Autumn sun.

    The occasional cold and wet day is great for catching up on online demands.

    Côtes du Rhône sounds like a German wine. Was it a Rose’ or a full bodied red?

  3. So sorry that you are not feeling well, Derrick. I will add your name to my prayer list and pray that you are over this cold and feeling back to 100% soon. Meantime, get some good rest!!

  4. Gosh, another busy computer day taken up with converting your posts into blocks. I’m sorry about your cold, I hope it gets better soon.

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