The Early Ponies Catch The Shade

I headed off the worst of the rising heat with an early dead heading session this morning, before Jackie and I set off for a sultry forest drive.

Beside dappled Holmsley Passage a splendid stand of Foxgloves could be spied through the trees. I wonder whether that ice warning sign will now be redundant.

The driver of ponies and trap on the equally brindled Bisterne Close pulled over for Jackie to drive past.

Marbled banks sloped on either side of Beechwood Lane where rooftop chimneys were discerned among lush undergrowth and a mossy log decayed on the verge.

Shade at the corner of Burley Lawn is at a premium on such a day.

A pair of ponies spooked by passing traffic risked losing their spot when they nipped across Chapel Lane and took their chances on the streaked tarmac.

Another troop, including a foal, heading for shelter were to be disappointed,

and forced to wait in the hope of chances of returns.

Further along stippled Chapel Lane cattle made do with the verge, occasionally spilling over to upset tourist traffic.

In addition to continuing his meticulous clearance of the gravel paths,

Martin this morning loaded his van with the bulk of the garden rubbish and took it away for us. He will do the same next week.

With the help of Wayback Machine I reinserted three missing pictures and added a header to the following post:

This evening we dined on Jackie’s first class beef and onion pie; potatoes sautéed with onions; crunchy carrots and cauliflower; firm Brussels sprouts; tender green beans; horseradish sauce, and meaty gravy, with which the Culinary Queen drank more of the Blume and I finished the Malbec.


  1. I love the pony photos, it still amazes me that they and other animals roam freely in your area. Dinner sounds very delicious! ❤️????????????

  2. Lovely pictures with their vestiges from earlier centuries. Remember those freezing days of last winter when you wondered if you would ever get warm?

    1. Thank you so much, Pat. It is quite difficult to remember those days – fortunately

  3. i have enjoyed your pony photos.
    I would love to know how Jackie makes her beef and onion pie. (that is, if it is not a family recipe that needs to be kept within the family)

    1. Thanks very much, Zakiah. Jackie doesn’t use a recipe, but I’ll ask for her method

  4. I’m really curious about your temperatures. It’s always interesting to see how people describe weather conditions. Our low last night was 27C, and just now I’m home at the computer because temperature/heat index is sitting at 36/44C. I certainly do hope you’re cooler than that! You must be, or your garden wouldn’t be looking so spiffy.

  5. I don’t blame those ponies searching for a little shade, and as always the images are lovely.

    Two new ponies have joined the rescue ponies over the lane in the field opposite us. But there’s very little shade available, and I’m also concerned that their field is too small to support four ponies.

    I have theory that your first reply doesn’t come through BUT when I reply to your comment, the subsequent ones arrive. Let’s see shall we? Oh, and that was a real question mark! :). And That was a smiley face!

      1. Looks like my theory might be correct. I’m not receiving the initial replies to a conversation thread, but will probably receive a notification of your next reply.
        I wonder if it’s happening to anyone else?

  6. Such beautiful dappled lighting and deep green foliage. I had to chuckle at the ice warning sign, too. The forest fauna and especially ponies and their progeny stole the show, though. 🙂

  7. The Notting Hill Carnival looks very much like our Multi-cultural Pako Festa here in Geelong West, during the warmth of February, when we have 40,000 visitors invade the area …

      1. Oh my. 27C. That would be 70ishF. It got to 25C here today – mid-winter. It’s been down to 6c overnight though. It must admit, I was quite hot in the garden. Do you think I could handle a summer in the UK?

  8. Gorgeous photos! I’m so glad there was some shade for the equine, bovine, and human-ines! 🙂
    Shade is precious on a sunny warm day.
    Martin is a grand helper!
    I always find joy and peace in your light and shadow photos!
    Great title…makes me think of the early birds! (insert worm emoji! Ha!)
    (((HUGS))) ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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