Mothers And Daughters

In my recent post I featured photographs of Jackie and Ellie, and of Jackie and Flo as a baby. Becky has now e-mailed me two photographs of herself with her daughter as a baby, taken by Jackie.

I can now feature these images alongside each other.

Shortly before lunch Jackie drove me to Sears Barbers in Milford on Sea for a haircut. Peter has retired and I was shorn by Tracy.

This afternoon I converted the following post from Classic to Blocks edit:

This evening we all dined at the Britannia Thai restaurant in Milford on Sea. I really enjoyed my prawn Jungle Curry with special fried rice; I am not sure what the others’ meals were called but everyone found them excellent. While Flo drank water the rest of us drank very potable Singha beer.

Jackie photographed Ellie and me at the table.

The Lavender Garden

This morning I updated the following post from Classic to Block edit:

Jackie drove us all to Lavender Farm Gardens at Plaitford, near Salisbury, for lunch. What looked like a limited choice of menus turned out to be very good. Jackie enjoyed her paté and salad; my smoked mackerel and beetroot salad was excellent; as was Flo’s roast beef bagel; Dillon was pleased with his cheese pastry; Ellie helped herself to crisps off her mother’s plate, and was fed other suitable items, like some of her great grandmother’s paté.

Afterwards we each wandered around the gardens at our own pace.

This evening we all dined on tender roast chicken; sage and onion stuffing; crisp fried potatoes; crunchy carrots; and firm broccoli with which Jackie finished the Asahi and I finished the Malbec.