A Case Of Trains

At lunchtime today Jackie and I met Shelly, Ron, Helen and Bill at Holmsley Station Tea Rooms for lunch. The event was brought about by the need to check on whether they have used the case of model trains that had belonged to the sisters’ father, Don Rivett, because Helen, who had given her details had not heard from the establishment.

In fact the trains were in pride of place on the waiting room mantelpiece.

My choice of food was excellent whitebait with tartar sauce followed by ham, egg, and chips with a glass of Chilean Merlot. Jackie’s was tasty Macaroni cheese with Diet Coke.

Afterwards, on another dull, dreary, day Jackie and I took a short forest drive where

I wandered among a few ponies in the woodland along Bisterne Close

where a Rowan tree carried early berries.

Further into the forest a foal struggled to find stable purchase for a scratch against a wobbly fallen branch;

eventually it gave up and transferred its attention to a sturdier limb.

Afterwards I published https://derrickjknight.com/2023/07/24/constance/

We had no further need for nourishment this evening.


  1. The ponies found some unusual poses this time — I hope the one had a good scratch!

  2. What a lovely idea to give the trains to the cafe.
    You’re right the Roman tree is very early showing its berries. I wonder if anything else will be a little premature?

  3. It is nice to see the trains displayed proudly! A good lunch and a visit with the ponies sounds like a wonderful day. Much love to you both, Derrick and Jackie.

  4. I’m glad all was as it should be with the trains.
    Those pony photos are among your best. That is such a splendid portrait of the pony at the bottom of the first gallery.

  5. So, ponies in the forest, as in the New Forest, of course. Boy oh boy, that is too awesome! I watch way too many Brit documentaries and shows, and it just kills me that you seem to be living the “Escape to the Country” life. Way to go!

    1. Thank you so much, Julie. That’s one of Jackie’s favourite programmes. I don’t tend to watch it because we have already done it.

  6. I love those woodland ponies. In the last two photos, I like that mossy leaning limb and the foal whose big ear looks like a black unicorn horn. Magical place, that woodland.

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