Rusting Refuse

Although today’s temperature remained warm, the sun had conceded precedence to gloomy cloud cover.

On her return from a photographic expedition in the garden Flo

grabbed a rather joyful photograph of Ellie.

Among his tasks today were the planting in the Palm Bed which he had further prepared to take them;

pruning of the Rose Garden apple tree, and other areas, such as

the wooden arch above the shady path;

and gathering metal refuse, such as this rusting tabletop, for eventual removal to the dump.

Jackie spent much of the day producing tonight’s dinner of chicken jalfrezi; the smaller, milder, panful of butter chicken, also containing two boiled eggs, Ellie was to share with her mother, and gave her father some. The rice was Jackie’s vegetable version. My accompanying beverage was Gran Selone Italian red wine, while Jackie finished the rosΓ©.


  1. I find it strange that we accumulate so many obsolete objects in our yards Derrick … especially when I cannot remember how they got there …

  2. Beautiful Ellie looks so happy! On the other hand, the cherub below the rusty tabletop looks dismayed at Martin’s discovery.

  3. Ellie’s beautiful smile lights the world!!! ❀️
    Good to see Martin smiling, too! ❀️ Workin’ and smilin’…it’s the way to go!
    Glad the owls are always on duty! (wink, wink) πŸ™‚
    (((HUGS))) πŸ™‚

  4. I agree with the previous comments. Kids are sweet but Ellie is so photogenic. You and Jackie are blessed to be part of such precious moments.

  5. The wonderful work on your beautiful garden continues as Ellie just gets cuter and cuter! This photo shows that shock of blond hair that is growing up there. What fun it will be to watch it fill out!! Have a lovely Sunday afternoon/evening, Derrick. Jackie’s dinner is inspiring. I need to decide what I’m gonna make for tonight. That looks good!

  6. Little Ellie does look very joyful, Derrick! Martin is a hard worker. I am glad he is there helping you. All capped off with a delicious home cooked dinner by Jackie.

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