A Sample Double Spread

Flo and Dillon spent most of the afternoon planting and watering garden containers. Those on the trellis and the wall at the front had all succumbed to the heat and required clearing, composting and irrigation. Jackie and I fixed three quarters of the photographs into the first album. There are 50 pages each 14″ square,Continue reading “A Sample Double Spread”

Reaching Above The Potting Shed

Flo, yesterday evening, and Jackie this morning spent a good deal of time continuing the tidying of the Rose Garden. This morning I posted https://derrickjknight.com/2022/07/24/a-knights-tale-146-big-clean-days/ After lunch I bagged up the last of the debris from the Rose Garden and watered the raised bed at at the end of the Back Drive. Flo had wateredContinue reading “Reaching Above The Potting Shed”

Ali Baba

When I walked down the garden to open the back gate for Aaron this morning the early sun peeped over the eastern fence, its light licking the jeweling of last night’s rain still glittering on the plants. The bees were working away. Wedding Day festooning the Agriframes Arch approved of the Penny Lane bouquet adorningContinue reading “Ali Baba”

A Glorious Summer’s Day

Jackie spent most of her birthday of gloriously sunny weather continuing her replenishing and refurbishment of her vast number of plant containers. In particular she concentrated on the stone urns, pots, and hanging baskets in the Rose Garden, into which a small dragonfly glided, coming to rest on the warm paving bricks. Bees were busyContinue reading “A Glorious Summer’s Day”

Fruits Of Labour

I am close to deciding on my final cut for the Everton Festival Photographic Competition. Many painful decisions are being made now, concerning which shots to leave out. In order seriously to consider the deer having her nose scratched I have converted this image to Black and White, thus giving a sharper silhouette. This is,Continue reading “Fruits Of Labour”

Soil Transfusion

An early bird atop the oak across Christchurch Road admired this morning’s dawn sky which presaged a fine day. And so it was. Warm enough to put the washing out. My meagre task of the day was to begin the ongoing battle with the triffid invasion from our neighbour, North Breeze. It is important to tackleContinue reading “Soil Transfusion”

Recycled Wrought Iron

Racing against the promised rain on this warm but gloomy morning we worked on providing freedom of expression for Compassion. Jackie assembled another Gardman arch for this rose that we have been trying fully to release from the clutches of myrtle and pittosporum. The heaviest pruning the plant has undergone for many years ensued. WeContinue reading “Recycled Wrought Iron”

Before And After: Disposal And Recycling

  Jackie had, of course, not been idle during my trip to Nottingham. She has almost completed preparing the front garden beds for winter. It fell to me this morning just to extract a few stubborn euphorbia roots and reset some of the edging stones. The Head Gardener completed the task this afternoon. Aaron, too,Continue reading “Before And After: Disposal And Recycling”

Before And After: From Unidentified Fir Bed To Cryptomeria Bed

This morning we continued planting up the Cryptomeria Bed. Once again, this proved more difficult than anticipated. Jackie came across more vinca roots growing between the border rocks, and had to get down on her kneeler to dig them out. My task was to bore holes for the shrubs that needed deeper soil. I invariably came acrossContinue reading “Before And After: From Unidentified Fir Bed To Cryptomeria Bed”

A Virtual Photoshoot

During a morning interlude between the rains, Jackie continued her work on the Unidentified Fir bed. Plants, including more than fifty spring bulbs were put in place; more broken tiles were dug out; and choked shrubs were freed from a rampant vinca. I did some clearing up. I then made a virtual trip to Fremantle in WesternContinue reading “A Virtual Photoshoot”